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I Didn’t Want to Go Anyway

Well Amigos, here’s the thing. Anytime the old woman Slow goes to the trouble of grabbing a handful of the tiniest treats in the whole wide world and luring me to my bed in the living room while she sneaks out the back door with Pretty and the Big Dogs, The Red Man smells a rat. Yada, yada, yada.


Tennis Ball Obsessed Chelsea and the camellias at the farm

Hm. So I recognize those flowers. They belong to the front yard at the Hopkins farm on Backswamp Road that is home to two of The Red Man’s faithful followers, Amigos Dick and Curtis. Well, well, well. So that’s where the party was this afternoon.


Pretty and Uncle Dick like to walk with the dogs


Fence Jumper Spike loves to visit the farm –

and Top Dog Chloe


Oh, Brother – look who laps up Pretty’s attention


I’m sure all that running free at the farm wears you out

– too bad


Guilty conscience – so sorry, Red –

we asked them to bring you

Ha, insincere – apology unaccepted

Well Sports Fans, here’s to a fabulous weekend for all of you as Thanksgiving looms large on the horizon and the Casa de Canterbury crowd is very thankful the college football season looms smaller and smaller. 2015 has been a disaster on so many levels…just as I predicted, and the Longhorns and Gamecocks have led the Disaster Derby.

Get me outta here, Percy – we’re on the fast track to the holidays, and The Red Man needs his rest.

Casa de Canterbury Stands with our Friends in France Today

The  Red Man and all of his family at Casa de Canterbury were horrified to learn of the tragedy in Paris.  We grieve with the French for the senseless slaughter of people in the  places they went for relaxation and entertainment on a regular Friday night after work.

We are especially concerned for our cyberspace friend Annie and her Animal Couriers who are from France and who have been followers of ours since The Red Man began his rants.  Annie and her Couriers transport large numbers of passengers every day all over Europe. From rabbits to birds to turtles to cats to dogs – any animal with a family need to get from one place to another – all are safeguarded and given excellent care on their journeys. The stories are wonderful, and the pictures of their cargo are always awesome. On the Road with Animal Couriers is a blog that has been a Friend of Red forever.

Our hearts are heavy for them this morning, and we wish them safe travels as they continue their business of carrying precious passengers from one home to another.

Casa de Canterbury stands with our friends Annie and her Couriers and the people of France today as they struggle to cope with the crimes against humanity that happened in their capital city overnight. We know they will recover, but we understand and share the feelings of grief and anger they have today.

Bless you all.

The Red Man sends Paw Snaps to you today for the courage he knows  you will have to persevere in the midst of this crisis, but he is too sad to send Twirls.


The Red Man’s Theory of Everything

Well Amigos, the saying goes into each life a little rain must fall, but nobody said anything about it falling every day for weeks. Did they?

The song goes though April showers may come your way, they bring the flowers that bloom in May. Nobody said anything about October showers…or floods, did they?

Though October showers may come your way, they bring the mosquitoes, mildew and mud puddles that bloom in November. Heh, heh. My little joke for the soggy morning.

Since The Red Man has been confined to quarters, he has had to entertain himself with his own thoughts which have led to philosophical flashes of brilliant insights. The Red Man’s Theory of Everything is the result of those flashes.

Hm. As in most theories dreamed up by great minds, they are rarely original. Alas, I can’t really claim to have thought up my Theory on my own. As a matter of fact,  I draw my inspiration from  that other great Philosopher, Granny Selma, when she was in her right mind.

Here’s what she used to say: When it rains, you have to smile more to make your own sunshine.

Now Granny Selma probably meant this in a literal sense, but The Red Man now interprets this both literally and figuratively as his Theory of Everything.

Think about it. There are worse theories floating around out there in cyberspace.

Get me outta here, Percy…time for lunch and a sneak peek at The Weather Channel.



Pretty Rocks the Block!

Well Amigos, tonight is Halloween and there are ghosts and goblins out and about…and then there’s Pretty…


Pretty preps for her traditional

Nieghborhood Halloween Extravaganza


This year she took her party outside

to the bed of her pickup truck

(in the front yard of Casa de Canterbury)


Welcome to Pretty’s Party – Happy Halloween!

From Casa de Canterbury to all of our Sports Fans around cyberspace – have a fun night and keep the tricks to a minimum and max out the treats –

Get me outta here Percy…whatever happened to my Halloween costume and where’s the candy??

The Red Man is Proud, Too!

This past weekend all of us at Casa de Canterbury had on our happy faces because the Annual SC Pride festivities were being held in Columbia and of course, Pretty and the old woman Slow were celebrating!


Pride Parades are so colorful


One of The Red Man’s most faithful followers rode in style – 

as she certainly should

The Red Man awards The 2015 Order of Paw Snaps and Twirls to Harriet Hancock for her significant contribution to the LGBT community – the entire family at Casa de Canterbury admires her and is grateful to her for her actions on our behalf.


The Parade marched in front of the Capitol Building…


…while thousands clapped and cheered as it passed


Slow is always one for a photo op


Now this picture makes a statement –

baby lesbians full of piss and vinegar and lots of happiness

Get me outta here, Percy…I need a Happiness break…


Old Woman Slow goes AWOL

Well Amigos, this is what it’s come to…yesterday afternoon the old woman Slow was AWOL for several hours. The Red Man was under the impression she was working on promotion for her new book scheduled to be published at the end of this month. At least, that was her story for being out of her office without my permission. Apparently that was sheer fabrication. Looks like a Shanghai game to me.


Shanghai Victory Picture

(l. to r.) Slow, War Eagle Nan and Donna Too Good

 Busted! And looking very happy about it, too…

Thanks to Undercover Agent Ros who forwarded this picture to Pretty who sent it to moi who was horrified to learn of the deception. Horrified, but not surprised. It’s just so her. And please don’t blame The Red Man if the new book suffers a downturn in sales as a result of these shenanigans. Marketing meeting, indeed. What kind of marketing is done with playing cards, I wonder.

Get me outta here, Percy…I’m disturbed and perturbed tonight…and I’m pretty sure it’s not due to a change in the weather.


The Family that Plays Together, etc.

Well Amigos, Pretty headed to the Upstate yesterday to visit her family while the old woman Slow stayed home. We usually all take that little adventure together, but TBO Chelsea was supposedly not well enough for travel so The Red Man and Squirrel Chaser Spike stayed at Casa de Canterbury with Slow and TBOC. Boring. Super boring.

Two weeks ago we were practically swimming in the backyard from the Flood of Fifteen, but yesterday the sun was shining, the birds were singing – all was right with the world. Plus, it wasn’t too hot or too cold. Slow opened the windows and doors downstairs and had ESPN Game Day on TV while we watched from the bleacher seats in our living room as the ol’ Bald Coach Spurrier played dress-up with Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit and the ESPN gang. When that was over, we all wandered outdoors.

Chelsea behind flowers 2

Tennis Ball Obsessed Chelsea relaxed in dirt

behind new flowers

Chelsea in Spike's Space-001

Then she moved to a place Spike had just finished digging

Chelsea in yard-001

Hey, what’s up? Spike said. I just dug that hole for myself

(one of many, I thought)

Chelsea and Spike at play 9-002

I get special treatment because I’m sick – Chelsea said

(uh, oh. The Red Man smelled trouble)

Chelsea and Spike at play 4-001

Not so fast, my friend! Spike told her

(Spike thinks Coach Corso is a riot)

Chelsea and Spike at play 5-001

Let’s play! He said to Chelsea…and she did

Chelsea and Spike at play 2-001

Seriously? Somebody stop her…she’s supposed to be sick

Chelsea and Spike at play-001

Enter The Red Man a/k/a Fun Patrol

it’s a dirty job, but somebody had to do it

Chelsea and Spike at Play 13

Order restored

Chelsea and Spike at play 10

My work was done

Get me outta here, Percy…it’s hard to monitor Fun in a family that loves to play together…I need a refreshing beverage.