So, the Peeps pick me up Sunday a.m. and I say adios to Bruno and the rest of the gang and I feel like a new dog!   I mean, the Pet Paradise had its perks and all that, but I was ready to blow that popsicle stand!  (Plus, I pee much better when I can pick my own spots, if you know what I mean.)   I have no idea where we’re going, but I’ll figure that out later.   Pretty, Pretty, Pretty is driving the truck and Slow, Getting Slower is the co-pilot studying the GPS and maps so I’ll just check out the scenery in Florida.   Maybe catch a few zzzzz’s…that Pet Paradise was a noisy place…gosh, maybe that was me barking and carrying on…I had to announce my presence with authority, after all.   Whatever.

We travel along at a pretty good clip on this back road for a while, and I’m thinking I’ll just settle in for the duration and PPP decides to stop in this town called Palatka.   The Peeps are hungry, of course.   Geez, as soon as they get in the truck, it’s like this gong sounds and they’re off to the food races.   Potato chips, Doritos, candy bars, and Diet Cokes.   Dear God, how many Diet Cokes can two women drink in the cab of a truck???   I’m serious.   Let me count the cans.   Sigh.

And, do they ever offer me any?   Maybe a last morsel from an almost-empty bag.   Now, I’m sure I’d share more than that if I were a Peep.   Ha.   Fat chance.

Anyway, back to Palatka.   Nice enough town, I see.   Oh, yeah, now this is what I’m talking about.   Take a look at this ancient diner where we’re stopping for lunch.   Shiny single wide trailer called Angel’s Diner.   What’s that sign say?   Open Since 1932  Wow – now that’s OLD!   And the place is packed, too – I’m thinking good food here.   Pretty tells Slow to get her a cheeseburger and fries while she takes me for a walk.   I love walking with Pretty, and I’m always happy to take a break from the back seat of this truck.

Hey, what’s this?   We’re walking right up to a very cool park on this BIG river.   Picnic tables everywhere.   Small boats on the water.   Big trees in the park.   Sun shining bright.   Not too hot.   Not too cool.   Methinks I sense a touch of fall in the air.   Or maybe that’s just me loving the good life walking with Pretty along the St. John’s River in Palatka and knowing for sure there’ll be delicious french fries left over from the Peeps at lunch.   They NEVER eat all their fries.