OMG, I’m exhausted.   Question:   How long does it take to drive across the entire Florida Panhandle from east to west?   Answer:   An endless amount of time.   No, I’m not kidding.  Forever.   Question:   How cramped can you be in the cab of a 2004 Dodge Dakota pickup truck when it’s pouring rain and you have to cram countless boxes of books into the back seat to keep them dry and the Peeps take up almost the entire front seat of the cab and you have nowhere, I repeat, nowhere to stretch out?   Answer:   Unbelievably cramped.   Horribly cramped.   Like a can of sardines level cramped.   Great planning on their part.   And who has to pay the price?   Moi.

Oh, and of course, who can forget the great fun we all had as we sang that memorable 60s hit Tallahassee Lassie when we drove through the land of the Florida State Seminoles?   The Peeps usually can’t remember all the words to ANY songs, but, as luck would have it, they knew the words and the artist Freddie Something-or-Other and were so pleased with themselves that they sang it ad nauseum.   All in all, a banner traveling day for me.

So, you see how happy I was to arrive in Daphne, Alabama, which is on the east side of Mobile.   My accommodations at the La Quinta are perfect.  Thank God for the La Quinta Inns, by the way.   They LOVE having me stay with them.   If you don’t believe me, just ask them.   And,  since the Peeps reached elite status, we receive the deluxe treatment in the discount motel industry.   It has to do with points and all the nights that we stay with them or something like that.   Whatever.   We have a king size bed, a big screen tv and a jacuzzi and I’m hoping for sunshine tomorrow.