Ok.   So me and Slow were “Welcomed to Mississippi” not too long after we left Pretty as she made a left turn and we turned right.   I could see Slow was going to mope around the rest of the trip, and God knows how long it would take to get to Texas.   I decided to focus on the scenery and try to ignore Slow and her ridiculous mooning over Pretty.   Slow always acts like it’s the End of the World when Pretty isn’t around.   Get a life, will you.

Mississippi was a blur – a blip on the radar screen.   I mean, it’s Biloxi, casinos, billboards and I’m talking HUGE billboards, UGLY billboards, a big bridge and Presto!  Now, we’re equally welcomed to Louisiana.   How nice.   I thrive on southern hospitality.   However, I’m now thinking we need to take a little break so I steal a glance at Slow, who appears to be in a trance-like state with some goal that precludes stopping for a piss.   Curses.   Foiled again.   Pretty always likes to stop.

Baton Rouge, home of the LSU Tigers and a very large stadium to accommodate all those SEC football games and screaming fans.   Anybody want to stop in Baton Rouge and look around?   Evidently not.   I know.   I’ve got an idea.   Why don’t we just drive ’til we run out of gas?  Heh, heh.   Now, that’ll never happen with Slow, old Safety First Slow.  Sure enough, she’s pulling over now at this El Cheapo station.   Not much greenery around, I see.   Oh, well.   You take what you can get.

And we’re off.   I know I feel better about life in general after a nice potty break.   Full tank of gas, and we’re pointed west.   Hmmm….what’s this new view?   We’re riding over the longest, flattest bridges I’ve ever seen.   Oh, what is this called?   We’ve been on it a dozen times, and I can’t think of the name.   Actually, I like this part of the drive.   The highway is surrounded by water with floating crud covering most of it and small bare tree trunks poking up out of it.   It’s like some kind of swamp.   I can’t see those horrible creatures that would eat me, but I know they’re there.

Swamp!!   That’s it…the Atchafalaya Swamp.   I knew I’d remember that name if I thought about it for a while.   Who’s surprised that I can spell that name??   I really like it.   It’s the only part of Louisiana that grabs me.   When we drive the top parts of the states, Mississippi and Alabama have beautiful scenery.     In Louisiana, however, only the lower part interests me slightly.  But, being a terrier, I’m just not one for the coast drives.   All this water makes me a little nervous, to tell you the truth.  I mean, how old ARE these bridges really??   Infrastructure crumbling around us…could they mean THESE bridges?   I shudder to think.

Aha.   The highlight of the Swamp.   Leaving it.   We’re almost to Lafayette, and I’m sure we’ll stop at Boudin’s for the fried shrimp basket.   Slow and Pretty LOVE the food at Boudin’s.   Yep.  I see the exit and the sign, and Slow’s spirits appear to be brighter.   I’m thinking I’ll be having leftover french fries for lunch today.