So, I remember this house pretty well by now.   After all, it’s not my first rodeo here, you know.   Get it?   Ha. Ha.   That’s my new Texas talk.   “First rodeo” – Texans love to talk about rodeos, cowboys, cows, horses, pastures, etc.   Most of them don’t even know which end of a horse is up, or something like that, but they all love to TALK about that stuff, so I try to fit in.   I’m nothing if not agreeable – to a point.

Anyway, here’s the deal.   Slow grew up somewhere close to our house in Montgomery and thinks that she’s arrived in the Promised Land.   Honestly, she just LOVES everything about this old house and neighborhood.   I mean, the house is ok, if you like the ancient concept.   How old is old, you ask?   All I can say is the wooden floors and high ceilings are a dead giveaway to a home lost in the twenties, and I’m talking 1920s.    Maybe 1930s.   I’m no architectural expert, so this is all my guess, but take a look around.  Check out those door knobs while you’re at it.   Glass or that antiquated white porcelain.   Now, how long has it been since anybody put those in a house??   I’m just saying.

The place is roomy, and it’s got a long narrow hallway that looks like you could easily put in a single lane for a bowling alley.   Of course, you wouldn’t, but you get the idea.   I see they’ve added some things since my last visit, and Slow has been busy moving family pictures around.   I swear that woman loves to shift these same old pictures from one room to another.   Would you believe I don’t see a single photo of ME in this place?   I don’t count the obscure picture in the tiny frame on the shelf above the toilet in the Bathroom That Nobody Ever Uses.   This house has THREE bathrooms, and my ONLY picture is in the BTNEU.   So, that’s how I rate in this Texas home.   Humph.   I think I’ll take this opportunity to take a quick whiz on this new OLD desk in Slow’s office while she brings in our stuff from the truck.

Uh, oh.   Here come the neighbors…and I see that crazy puppy Badger has grown since I was here the last time.   Wouldn’t you just know it?   I leave for a few weeks, and that bad boy grows up!   He’s as big as I am and still as wild!   He’s running around my yard like a track star.   Show off.   Calm down, you little twit.   I’m not half as glad to see you as you are to see me.   You’re not cool.   I’m cool.  Watch me be cool.

Slow hugs Jon and Dana from next door and Lisa from across the street and Carol who lives next door to Lisa and is the mommy for Badger.   Ugh.   The peeps are all talking and laughing and acting like it’s a family reunion on Worsham Street.   Yep, we’re back in the “hood” again.   Yee haw.