Yawn…stretch…yawn some more.   I need to work out some kinks from being cramped up in that truck on the trip.   Geez.   Give me a break already.   I’m not sure one night’s sleep will do it, and I really wasn’t ready to get out of bed this morning so early, but here I go to see what the old girl is up to.   Slow has got some issues, if you know what I mean.  Obsessive compulsive ones.   I’ll bet you five dollars that she’s in the living room unpacking the stuff she brought down to this place from South Carolina.   Bet me??

You lose.   There she is.   She couldn’t WAIT to get everything settled and in its place.   Yessirree…drives Pretty crazy.   I’m so glad she’s not here to see this.   Pretty’s motto is “Let’s get it done tomorrow.”   I like that idea myself.   Slow’s motto is “A place for everything, and everything in its place.   Now.”   So I’m awake for this?   It’s pretty sad really, but she seems so happy I’ll go along with it and hope she’s still going to take me for my favorite activity.   I call it the Montgomery Adventure Walk.    A guy can dream, can’t he?

I follow Slow around while she puts her stuff  out.   I kind of like the little pottery vase that she brought for the living room mantle.   Blends in well with the pictures of Pretty’s family and Slow’s grandmother’s clock.   Uh, oh.   She’s unwrapping the big picture she brought.   I’m hoping that thing survived the trip.   Well, well.   Not a scratch on it.   The miracles of bubble wrap.   She’s Ready Too – Buy War Bonds saya a cute blonde chick from the WWII years.   All right.   More OLD stuff.  She’s taking it to the guest bedroom.   Good.   I won’t see it that much.   Slow keeps that room closed so I won’t piss on anything in there.   I’m bad.

What’s this?   At last, Slow is putting on her tennis shoes.   This means we’re going for a WALK!   I feel better already…can’t you hurry up, hurry up, hurry up?   I’ve never known anybody as slow as this old woman!   She only has TWO feet, for God’s sake.   I’m grateful for small favors, though.   If she’d had FOUR, we might NEVER get going.   Just to be sure she doesn’t nod off, I’ll bark my loudest, most irritating bark to keep her on task!!!   Let’s go, old woman!!!