Just my luck.   I’m the ONLY one watching football with Slow today, and I can tell you it’s not pretty.   Speaking of Pretty, where are you, Pretty, and when will you be back with us??   I need you to help me with Slow during football season!!   Honestly, the poor old woman is a basket case when she watches most Gamecock games, but today was the worst.   She was fiddling with the tv in the bedroom early this morning trying to get it to work because she can’t see anything and somehow pushed the wrong buttons on it last night and lost the cable signals.   She messed with that thing unplugging wires and counting to 30 and plugging them in again until she got so frustrated last night that she muttered obscenities and turned it off.   But, of course, she floundered around this a.m. until she finally got it to work.   Now, here’s the question I had.   Why not just watch it on the other two tvs?   Hello.   Why is it necessary to have it on all three tvs?   It’s not like she’s going to RUN from one to the other to see the same game!!!  Do you see my point?   Obsessive compulsive behavior.   She makes me crazy.

Thank God the Cocks won this afternoon!!   I have to say I had some tense moments while I watched, particularly when I saw their quarterback throw the ball over his head into the end zone to start the first drive of the third quarter.   Could you believe that?   Maybe his therapist can help him interpret that play because it is beyond my comprehension.   But…all’s well that ends well, I always say, and Slow was jubilant so I will do my best to be happy with her.   It’s the little things that matter to her, and football is one of her indulgences that I try to support.

I am also trying to be nicer to the old woman after our Houston trip yesterday.   I see the situation more clearly now and understand why she makes so many trips these days.   Grandmother Selma is a little “out there” if you catch my drift.   You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure that out.   My first clue was when she spent several minutes trying to figure out if my name was Ted or Ned or Jed.   “God love him,” she said when Slow finally spelled R-E-D for her.   Sigh.   Now, that worries me.   Plus, the group Grandmother hangs around with in the jail is suspect.   I saw Slow trying to be friendly to them, but I’m pretty sure they weren’t interested.

Last night the cousins from Navasota called and said they were coming over, but they didn’t.   I was disappointed.   It’s always nice to have some men around for a change.   Mostly we have women over here for some reason.  Like last night two of the Little Women of Worsham Street came over and brought Badger to play.   I was almost too tired to play with him, but we messed around for a while so that the Peeps could have their chit-chats.   I slept good last night, let me tell you.

Up bright and early this a.m. for our walk, and we took the town route today.   Tons of people having breakfast at the Old Montgomery Steak House.   Several cars already at the Washateria for the Saturday laundry.   Guys lighting the wood at Yo’ Mamma’s Pit Barbecue to start cooking the ribs.   Inaugural meeting of the FIT Half Marathon at Cedar Brake Park.   (Hey, group, here’s a hint: you might want to spend a little more time running than eating donuts and talking!)  

So, we’re making the turn at the well in the center of town and I hear a fiddler playing, I kid you not, By the Light of the Silvery Moon.   So, where’s it coming from?   Where’s it coming from?   Where’s it coming from?   I start pulling Slow thither and yon trying to find it.   We end up in front of an open door at Barber John’s Barbershop and guess who it is?   Barber John himself.   He brings his fiddle to the shop and likes to play on the weekends.   Says it drums up some business.   I don’t mean to be unkind, but let’s hope that he cuts hair better than he plays the fiddle.   Heh, heh.

It’s late, and I need to go chew a rawhide tonight as my reward for being so good today.   I see Slow opening the freezer and going for the Blue Bell Dutch Chocolate ice cream.   It’s been a great day to be a Gamecock.