Do I look like a dog that likes other dogs?   Do I act like a dog that wants to hang out with other dogs?   Maybe, just maybe, I miss that Ollie a little bit…and Annie’s pretty good for an old dog.   Chelsea is my idea of a nuisance, but I can take her or leave her.   Looks like I can leave her, since she’s in SC and I’m in Texas.   Heh, heh.   My little joke for the day.

Getting back to the matter at hand.   One of the Little Women was out of town today at some ancient items auction in College Station or Brian or some place around there.   I’m talking about Carol, the Peep in charge of that wild child, Badger Raica.   So, guess who’s coming to dinner?   And play time?   And nap time?   And all afternoon time??   Little mister trouble himself.   And what does he want to do??   PLAY and PLAY and PLAY some more until I can’t see straight!   I am NOT the Energizer Bunny and I can’t be wound up and wound up to run and run and run and run like that kid does.   I mean, I’ve got energy, but not that MUCH energy, if you see where I’m going with this.   He comes charging in and gets all of my toys scattered everywhere inside and outside the house, and I can’t find anything.  We’re talking everything upside down.   I’m a fun kind of guy, as you know by now, but I need my space, so Slow finally took the little shit back to his house when he wouldn’t take a nap, for God’s sake.   Now Slow needs her nap, since she’s been on some kind of classic movie binge today.   So, that was the last straw.   Back across the street he went.   Bye, bye Badger.   Catch you later, gator.

Well, don’t blame me for cutting this little report short today.   Looks like I’ll be fighting Slow for the message machine now that she’s decided to do some writing on her own.   I’m not too optimistic.   The old girl is dull and uninteresting, but she can give it a whirl, I guess.   I’ll keep my paws crossed for her.   I’m not going to let her usurp my territory, though.   I’ve got a lot more to say than she does.   I can promise all of you that!

Compare me with her on this    Then, you can tell me what you think!   I’d like to know…