You know, sometimes when I think about it, I have to say that a dog’s life is not that easy.   Did I just make that up, or has somebody already thought of that?   Oh, well.   Whatever.   It’s the truth.   I have a lot of responsibility taking care of my Peeps, and I really have my paws full in Texas since I’m the Only Dog.   I’d always thought I’d like being an Only Dog, but it turns out to be a lot of work for moi.

For example, let’s take the property protection duties.   Now, at home in South Carolina, I share fence patrol with Ollie and Chelsea and Annie, although Annie is pretty much just a standoffish barker these days.   She gets WAY back from the fence action and barks at the air.   She and Grandmother Selma have some things in common, I’m noticing.   But that Ollie and Chelsea will run right along the fence with me and make some NOISE for the home team!   And, when a car pulls into that pathetic excuse the Peeps have for a gravel driveway in the front of our house, we ALL sound the alarm, and I’m talking SCARY for possible unwanted intruders who arrive via automobile.   We might not be as effective with intruders who lack transportation, but hey, nobody’s perfect.

However, in Texas, I’m the Peep Protector by myself.   As in A-L-O-N-E.   And, I’ve got the old girl with me, too.   So, not only do I have to monitor the yard by myself, I’ve got to watch out that the old woman doesn’t trip and fall somewhere.   I swear I hold my breath every night when she makes that last walk down that LONG dark hallway to the bedroom.   I try to walk in front of her to let her see some movement ahead to keep her on track, but she’s so forgetful she’ll make ten trips back to her office or the kitchen or the den or laundry room or WHEREVER, and I get disgusted and go to bed.   The hell with her.   If she falls, she’ll just have to get up.   So far, so good, but I’m keeping my paws crossed.

I was hoping Pretty would bring Annie with her when she comes to see us this week, but no such luck, so now I’ll have two Peeps to worry about when she gets here.  That’s okay.   Pretty isn’t any trouble, and I have to say she gives the best pets of all.   Oooohhhhh…I get goose bumps just thinking about the good pets I’ll get when Pretty is here.   Yessirree, I think things are looking up for us this week!

All in all, though, I probably shouldn’t ever complain.   I guess I have it pretty good.   The old woman is a mess, but she does love me.   I’ve learned to overlook a lot of her faults, and we’ve got ourselves a good understanding now that I’ve trained her to do what I want, but it’s never been easy.