I’m not sure I’ll make the trip to the airport again when Slow takes Pretty over there.   I thought it would be fun, fun, fun, but I was wrong, I was wrong, I was wrong.   Of course, Slow wanted to get there FORTY-FIVE minutes early, and, brother, that was ridiculous.   All we did was sit in the truck in this long line of other EARLYBIRDS while we waited for Pretty.   And you talk about loud noises???   Not just the sounds of the planes taking off and landing, either.   That was bad enough!   But, then you had those huge land transportation buses and trucks coming by every minute like clockwork.   Plus, some kind of airport renovations or repairs that sounded like machine guns in a war zone.   Good grief.   I couldn’t hear myself think.   I was a bundle of nerves, let me tell you.

And, in the midst of this, I had to watch Slow keep her eyes trained on the terminal doors waiting for any glimpse of Pretty.   How long did I endure this cacophony of sights and sounds?   An interminable amount of time.   Or, to put that in literal terms, the time it took us to move from last place in the line of earlybirds to first place in line when Pretty came walking through the doors.   That was a LONG line, too.

Pretty is still Pretty, Pretty, Pretty, and she was smiling that perfect smile when Slow hugged her.   I was slightly embarrassed for them, but then I was all happy because Pretty opened the door of the truck, and I could jump all over her and give her lots of kisses, kisses, kisses!   I smelled her to be sure it was really her, and it WAS!!   Zippity doo dah, zippity yay!   My, oh, my, what a wonderful day!   Pretty took her rightful place in the driver’s seat, and I assumed my favorite position in the middle between Slow and Pretty.   I could finally relax.   Get me out of here, Percy.

So, last night we stopped for supper on the way home.   Well, let me re-phrase that.   Slow and Pretty ate Mexican food (who’s surprised?) while I waited in the truck.   Typical.   Oh, well, I don’t need to be critical the first night Pretty’s home and spoil my mellow mood.  And, they ate really fast considering they met two of the Little Women from Worsham Street, too.   They party.   Woo hoo.

Today has been a great day.   Pretty tells me I look very good – she loves my haircut and kerchief.   She also mentioned that she thinks I’ve dropped a few pounds, so that’s encouraging.   But, mostly, she pets me and pets me and pets me some more.   Aahhh, Pretty pets are the best pets of all.

And, now, we just had the perfect end for the day.   Pretty suggested we all go for a walk tonight, so we did!   We went for our walk in the MOONLIGHT, and it was the best ever!   Things look much different at night, and all kinds of creatures are stirring and scurrying that I need to track down.   Turns out  I’m a ferocious hunter.   Who knew?   Beware ye felines lurking in dark caves in ditches – the Red Baron strikes again.

Cedar Brake Park by moonlight is an adventure with a hint of romance in the air.   Slow and Pretty talk and laugh and I lead the way on my leash like the scout for an expedition, and I pretend that their safety and well-being is up to me.   Hey, I like that idea.   I like to think that I’m responsible for my Peeps, with all their frailties.   They may be nuts sometimes, but they’re my nuts, and I love them.   Let’s not get too sappy.   For tonight, I’m content to lead them home and try to keep them from stumbling over a random object in the street.  

I think I heard them planning a visit to see Grandmother Selma tomorrow, so we’ll all need a good rest tonight.   Wow.   The hits just keep on rolling.