It has come to my attention recently that some of my readers are having a difficult time understanding all of the characters I talk about on a daily basis.   Not to worry.   I suffer from that same confusion most of the time.  I think there is a comment opportunity on my space here in the Land of the Missing and Confused, so please feel free to ask me any questions that are troubling you.   You may also ask my advice on questions that bother you, but please limit these to more along the lines of the meaning of life, Yankees vs. Rangers, Gamecock football, the origin of the species, etc.   Please refer questions regarding politics and religion to Fox News, which makes no distinction between the two and won’t bother trying.

 You will be interested to know that Slow keeps track of numbers.   Why, you ask, would she do that?   Because she is a numbers nut case and spent most of her life studying them on pieces of paper and adding machines with little rolls of paper on them and then screens with lots of numbers.   As the numbers got larger, Slow got smaller (figuratively speaking – the woman isn’t model material).   But, she was kind enough to tell me this a.m. that we have had 540 visits to my rants and raves over the past 22 days.   I thought that seemed like a lot until Slow, who went to see  the movie The Social Network last night, told me the Facebook  site got 22,000 hits in one hour.  So, I get it.   I’m pretty small potatoes.

Be that as it may, I would like to thank all of my faithful public.  You clearly have good taste, and I trust that my little dog musings entertain you as much as they do me.   When I started my rants and raves, I never dreamed that anyone might actually READ them, but it is quite rewarding to know that there are Peeps out there with inquiring minds.   If I were Oprah, I would ask you all to look under a chair and discover that I was sending you on a trip to Nirvana.   Since I’m not Oprah, you’ll just have to settle for a cyberspace picture of moi.   I will be happy to autograph a 4 x 6 glossy if you would like me to send you one.  (Of course, this will not be free but I’ll have to figure out how much to charge!)

Well, the old girl couldn’t sleep early this morning, so I had to get up with her.   Pardon me while I catch up on my zzzzzzzzzzz’s.   Maybe more later today…