Well, here’s a piece of good news for all of us.   That wild cat Opie came home to Badger and the Worsham Street Gang this week!   Badger’s Mom told Slow who passed the word along to me, and I knew that everyone would be in a festive mood again in the Hood.   There had been some talk of postponing the Halloween activities on the street since a general dark cloud hovered over the houses and their Peeps while they mourned the loss of Opie.   Everyone was in a tizzy.

Didn’t I TELL them that C-A-T-S had nine lives and that he would come ambling back with his Bad Self when he ran out of FOOD??   I mean, doesn’t anyone READ feline stories?   How about that C-A-T in the Hat, for God’s sake?   Hmmm….maybe that wasn’t the best example.   Whatever.   And where had that Bad Boy been for two weeks, I ask you?   That’s the thing about cats.   They never tell you Anything.   They just run off, and then they come back all smug like they’re doing you this Big Favor or something.   Geez.    I don’t even really LIKE them all that much.

But, Badger was thrilled because he thinks that the Worsham Street Gang is his real family now and his brother that had been lost was found.   Okay, so kill the fatted calf already.   You won’t have to go far to find one.   They’re just around the corner.   Heh, heh.   I see them on my country walks when I’m on that route.   Let me know if you can’t find one, and I’ll be glad to show you where they live.

So, tomorrow is Halloween, and that silly Badger has a new Halloween costume that he can wear to the street’s Halloween party now that Opie’s home and everybody’s kicking up their paws.   It’s an orange sweater with black bats on it, and it says “Vampires Ate My Homework.”   I’ll give him that one – it looks good on the young whippersnapper and has a message to boot.   You can’t beat a Message Costume.

Slow and Pretty got up very early this morning and went to a yard sale that Pretty helped to ramrod for a friend of theirs.   Slow told me that an old man showed up in a Superman costume at the house.   She said he had the whole blue costume with the big yellow S and red cape and tall red rubber boots.   Evidently, the suit accentuated his private parts, if you catch my drift, and that wasn’t an area he needed to highlight.   He asked Slow if she thought he should buy the refrigerator for Lois Lane.   Never one to miss an opportunity for a sale, Slow said yes.   Superman thought it over for a minute and then told Slow that it wasn’t the right color for Lois Lane’s kitchen.   I knew it had to be a true story.   No one could make this stuff up.

 Slow and Pretty have a few Halloween decorations at our house in South Carolina, but none of us have costumes.   If we did, we would have made sure to have some kind of Message like Badger’s and not some kind of half-assed Superman look.   We will also not be attending the Trunk of Treats celebration at the Oasis Faith Baptist Church.   We’ll leave that to the faithful spirits!

Happy Halloween!!