Well, well, well.   What’s this?   That old woman is busy, busy, busy stirring around in High Gear today.   I smell trouble whenever Slow starts on the warpath.   I suspect little good will come from it.   The poor old thing is going through piles of paperwork and records and old faded folders with no labels because they’re so OLD they’ve lost their glue.   Now how LONG must you be keeping stupid folders if the labels have fallen off?   And how IMPORTANT must these folders be if the only time you ever notice the labels have fallen off is when you put them in a DIFFERENT box??   Geez.   Is there no end to her CPA-like cautions?!   I say Throw them all away, you old bat!   I’ve seen you move some of these same papers all my life, for God’s sake!!   Burn the suckers.  Ashes to ashes, etc., etc., etc.   Don’t you GET IT??   Who do you think is going to look at these things when you’re dead and gone?   Well, maybe Pretty will go through them, but don’t look at moi.   Boring.   Super boring.

Oh, and take a look at some of these other fine treasure she’s busily packing to preserve.   “Run, George, Run – South Carolina Jacksonville Gator Bowl” old felt banner.   Now, that’s something every household needs.   I assume it’s referring to Heisman Trophy Winner George Rogers who was a prehistoric running back during the unglorious Gamecock years.   Oh, yes, for sure you want to take that to Texas.   My, oh, my.  Just look at these priceless baseball caps.   Collectors items definitely.   What home wants to be without a cap signed by Eddie Fogler and Brad Scott??   Seriously.   Names that will live on in only the warped minds of very old Gamecock fans who never could resist the lure of the “We’ll get ’em next season” mantra.   Sigh.   I feel sorry for her.

So far I see nothing of interest going into any of these containers.   What does interest me, however, is that it looks like we’re heading on a trip before too long.   I barely had time to recover from the last one, and the old woman better Cowgirl Up because Pretty is setting her sights on shipping us to the southwest!   The only question I have is I wonder who’s going with us?   I hope I get to Vote.   I’m thinking Ollie won’t make the cut.