For your information and/or edification the picture was taken in Logansport, Louisiana, this afternoon by the Ansel Adams cell phone photographer (better known as Slow) who was dragging moi rather unceremoniously down a boat ramp to wash my paws in the Sabine River that divides Louisiana from Texas.   Who?   What?   Where?   Why?   The questions ring out from inquiring minds.

Well, if this is any indication of my voting strength, I might as well have been a Democrat running for office in the election last week.   You will recognize in this picture Ollie the Smokey Lonesome character that I definitely voted against making this trip with us.   Chelsea the black Lab that drools and slobbers when she’s nervous – another one that I would have certainly left in South Carolina.  By the way, she has slobbered her way across five states.   Annie, the one that I voted FOR, God love her.   But you won’t know the Smiley Boy who was holding their leashes.   He’s a Friend of Slow and Pretty, and he decided at the last minute to make the trip with us.   I’ll bet he’s having second thoughts about that decision right now!

Where ARE we, you ask.   We have made our way across Georgia, Alabama, Missy Prissy and Louisiana the past two days.   The walk along the river at the park in Logansport was such fun that I sloshed through some fabulous mud and all of my paws were black.    Slow was so dismayed that she yanked me down a steep boat launch, forced me to wade into this rather suspicious-looking river water to clean my paws, all the while trying to take some ridiculous pictures with her cell phone.   Honestly, the old woman is a mess.   She won’t quit, though.   I’ll give her that.   And my paws are miraculously clean, so she’s in a better mood.

What was Pretty doing while we frolicked in the park?   Wandering through antique stores that she had made a top priority for the day.   Unfortunately, Logansport was somewhat of a disappointment for Pretty this afternoon.   I heard her tell Slow that one of the stores prominently displayed pictures of Hitler and appeared to be quite proud of their gun collection.    Never a sign of good will and tolerance.   Heh, heh.   How fast could Pretty get out of there!  

Faster than we made it through Atlanta yesterday, let me tell you.   Oh, my God, we had an issue that led to a problem that became a catastrophe!   The issue was Pretty’s determination to find a Zoe’s restaurant for lunch so that she could get her new food of choice, the chicken pita slaw thing with a side of potato salad followed by a nutritious Humongous Chocolate Chip Cookie.   The problem was that nobody knew where the restaurant was, including the GPS woman who seemed to be in a total fog with nothing to offer other than recalculating, recalculating, recalculating which caused Pretty to go slightly mad.   The catastrophe was that this led to our circling Atlanta for a couple of hours before we were able to locate the elusive Zoe’s and let the Peeps have their lunch!  

How bad was it?   It was SO BAD that the Smiley Boy said, “Well, I think we have a lot more fun on a trip when we drive a very long way in a different direction from where we think we are going.”   Are you kidding me???   I just about fell out laughing at the Smiley Boy trying to be all cheerful and optimistic about this Unbelievable Disaster.   Did he even SEE Pretty’s face when she stopped her car and slammed that door so hard I thought the window would crack??   And Slow had to lower the window in our truck to talk to Pretty while that yellow jacket was buzzing us.   I mean, really, it was a Nightmare and Smiley Boy was trying so hard to be hopeful.  

But, here we are all together in our house in Montgomery, Texas, tonight.   Sigh.   I’m exhausted, and I’ve certainly had better days, but I’ll try to make the best of having this motley crew with me because that’s my nature, isn’t it?   Maybe that’s why they made me stay with the Smiley Boy last night at the plush La Quinta while everybody else stayed together in the other room.  He and I are two of a kind – always taking the high road with sunny words of encouragement for those with lesser visions and attitudes.   Hmmm…I’d better quit while I’m ahead.