The Peeps are all agog tonight about their Gamecocks’ win over the Florida Gators.   I was ALMOST embarrassed for them with their high-fiving it and shouting and WooHooing and jumping up and down and pretty much making fools of themselves, but I have to say when you’ve NEVER, I repeat NEVER, I say NEVER have beaten a team that has to play in a nasty old swamp – well, you just have to overlook their behavior.   Now, why would you even want to go play football in a swamp in the first place, and what kind of team regularly plays in a swamp in the second place?   Football must be a highly mysterious addiction because my Peeps are WAY too preoccupied with it every weekend.

However, tonight was a fun night for moi after I was released from Doggie Jail in the laundry room at halftime.   Oh, yeah, once the goodies are eaten and the adult beverages consumed,  Come on out, Red, and JOIN the party!!   Hello, you old bat, did anyone think about whether I might actually enjoy lasagna and a nice Merlot this evening, or were you all so busy running around slapping each other’s hands together that you forgot your good manners and our all-for-one spirit?   One for all, all for one is great while it lasts, right?   And by the way, Smiley Boy, where were you when I needed you?   Friends for life, my ass.

So, as I often say, let bygones be bygones.   Once again, I rise above pettiness and allow myself to be soothed by the kindness of strangers or friends, either, for that matter.   My Peep Gator Neighbors who were here to share the evening with us were gracious Losers, if you will, and my Peeps and their South Carolina friends were giddy Winners, and one of the Little Women of Worsham Street was a cheerful Neutral.   Smiley Boy was recruited by the Gator Neighbor, but his support was unenthusiastic,  and he slid over to the giddy Winner side by the end of the game.

I am pleased to say that everyone managed to make a huge fuss over moi, which is, after all, what matters most.   I love being loved and petted by adoring fans.   The Red Man works his magic in all social situations, including football parties.   I was happy to be a Gamecock for the night.   Whatever works!