Yesterday is a distant memory, and tomorrow is but a dream…whatever.   I’ve never been much for poetry myself, so that may be something I just made up.   At any rate, my point is that we have to focus on today.   Today, today, today.   Focus, focus, focus.   Blah, blah, blah.   I’m exhausted from our Walk in the Country this morning after breakfast.  That’s right, I said Walk. 

  Geez, I wondered if we’d all FORGOTTEN how to go on our walks??   You know, Pretty and Slow put on their tennis shoes first, then I start my manic barking and acrobatic backflips while they lace up,  Ollie and Annie and Chelsea stand around wagging their tails in those foolish-looking circular sweeps, Smiley Boy gets the leashes, and somehow we all manage to leave together.   Dear God, we must look like a small parade.   Whatever happened to the good ol’ pack days without the Peeps?   Packs Without Peeps – I was a charter member.   You remember when we spent a lot of time howling at the moon?   None of this leash bullshit.   Wolves, I’m talking wolves, and don’t you forget it, pups.   Those were the days, my friends.   I thought they’d never end, but they did.    I am now reduced to a stylish turquoise halter at the end of  a red leash held by an old woman who thinks walking is an adventure.   How the mighty have fallen.

I have to say that today was the kind of day that would have inspired the dead to walk.   Zippity do dah, zippity yay.   My, oh, my – what a wonderful day.   Plenty of sunshine and breezes blowing and blue skies and yellow leaves and green horse apples from that bodark tree and a brown H-O-R-S-E in a pasture and those funny railroad tracks and the long white wooden fences – headin’ my way.   Zippity-do-dah, zippity yay!

I think Slow and Pretty were happy to be in Montgomery today.   They’d left us to drive over to LooseyAnna’s early yesterday morning and didn’t get back until late last night.   Ha.   I say they deserve whatever they get for leaving all of us with Smiley Boy for that long.   Of course, he has decided to overlook my little running episode and remain my New Best Friend, but we do have that slight language problemo.   He doesn’t speak “Dog” as well as I’d hoped, and my Spanish is not the best.   I’d say we are able to communicate on the important issues, though, and I applaud his efforts to maintain a positive attitude in the midst of bewildering circumstances.   I know I’M confused some of the time living with Pretty and Slow and the others, so I can only imagine how confused SB must be.

But, here I am on the front porch, which is one of my favorite places to write, and I am definitely zoned out from my walk.   I see Ollie is laid out like a dirty rug, and Chelsea is on full pussy patrol.   She clearly hasn’t had her nose practically torn off yet by one of the feline neighbors.   They aren’t your buddies, Chelsea!   Step away from the fence!!   Take it from moi who has suffered at the paws of these cats – they are a menace to your big black nose!   Okay.   See for yourself – it’s the only way SOME dogs ever learn.

Yawn.   Sigh.   I think I need a nap.   Oh, and before I forget it, my photograph today is courtesy of Pretty, who evidently has a better view of moi from her rocker on the porch than Slow has from hers.   Aren’t they a pair?