This is how it all goes wrong.   Pretty brought us this super cool New Toy last night.   It had a yellow tennis ball in the middle with a multi-colored rope that went through a hole in the tennis ball so that both ends of the rope were visible and long enough to grab with our teeth to play Tug-of-War.   I LOVE Tug-of-War, LOVE it, LOVE it, LOVE it!   I play it with Chelsea who thinks that the object of the game is to get the tennis ball in her mouth.   She’s a dunce and totally doesn’t get the rope thing.   She’s all about the tennis ball in her mouth, but, when I grab the rope and hang on, she won’t let go since she’s so afraid I’m going to get that precious ball.   It’s a hoot!   We can play and play forever or until one of us gets so tired that she has to let go.   Not naming names.   I’m just saying that the Black Blob is no match for The Red Man.   Slow says I’m tenacious.   I wouldn’t be surprised.

Nobody was much in the mood to play last night by the time Slow and Pretty and Smiley Boy came home after their supper at The Pizza Shack.   We all went to bed early, and that suited moi after my exhausting day.   But, this morning Pretty gets everyone up to start our day on the sunny side with a delicious breakfast, and I’m about to get in a playful mood when BAM!!   The front door opens and that Wild Puppy Badger comes tearing inside the house with those paws clicking on the hardwood floors and his short legs flying!   He’s definitely looking for Trouble today, and I can tell you he came to the right place.

You can imagine what happened with our New Toy and guest.   The next thing I knew Slow got the New Toy and threw it in the front yard and everybody went roaring outside except Annie, who has no interest in anything except lying on her new bed in the kitchen while Pretty made breakfast for the Peeps.   And, that’s how a good day turns bad.  

Chelsea and Badger played Tug-of-War, my favorite game, and I had to crash that party with authority and much growling and barking to assert that the New Toy was really all for moi.   Then, I had to try to keep Ollie away from Badger, who has this humping thing for Ollie.   You’d better keep away from Ollie, you little twit!   Ollie is ALL MINE!!   Then I had to hump Ollie to show Badger who was BOSS, and then Ollie humped Badger just for fun so I barked at Ollie to keep him away from Badger who went back to Tug-of-War with Chelsea so I barked at everything and everybody then.   I want my New Toy, I want my New Toy, I want my New Toy!!  And I won’t be quiet until I get it!!

Uh, oh.   I see Slow is losing patience with all of this hoopla and is about to do an intervention.   Party Pooper.   The old girl’s nerves aren’t what they used to be.   Heh, heh.   That’s my little joke for the day, since she takes those Nerve Pills all the time after the roof problems.    Who knew shingles would ruin her nerves forever?   I never made that connection, if you know what I mean.

Well, she’d better take a double dose today of whatever she takes.   I heard her and Pretty talking about going to see Grandmother Selma again tonight for a Thanksgiving dinner.   Geez.   Those people at Granny Selma’s are as daffy as she is.   I’m pretty sure Thanksgiving is next week.