Yee haw, The Red Man strikes again, and today is a Day That Will Live In Infamy!   Years from now the Peeps and Pups will remember this day as a day that moi rose up to smite the dreaded C-O-W-S and claim the great Texas lands as mine.   If any doubted my power, suffice it to say that those naysayers are in awe at this very moment and paying off any foolish bets against me.    How did this great victory occur, you may ask?    Aha.   It is a tale of courage and daring and reckless abandon.

But, first, a bit of housekeeping.   Ollie, nobody talks but me – understand?   NOBODY.   Keep away from my story machine.  Kapish?   Away, away, away!!!   Enough said.

And now, to the drama of the afternoon.   Of course, it got started with Slow and her cemetery compulsion.   Nothing would do but that she had to drag us all to that cemetery in Richards.   Pretty was gone on a scouting expedition by herself this morning, and Smiley Boy and Slow were doing things around the house when Slow got the brilliant idea to put everyone in the pickup and go do some work at the cemetery.   Of course, SB was agreeable, since he thinks ANY trip is exciting.   Well, brother, I gave him all he could handle this afternoon!!  Heh, heh.   And then some.

When we got to the cemetery, Slow let the gang out while she gave Smiley Boy her usual tour of the graves.   As if anyone cares but her, I might add.   But, SB feigned interest, and Ollie and Annie and Chelsea started running around chasing each other as if this was a Really Big Deal to be in this fenced-in collection of dead Peeps.  Wow.   Not an ounce of imagination to waste with those three big dogs.

I, on the other hand,  ran around by myself because this afternoon millions of black C-O-W-S were munching on the brown grass on the other side of the cemetery fence.   I’m talking millions, maybe even gazillions, of the humongous beasts were a few feet away from us and pretending we weren’t there.   Not even mooing, not even moving, just grazing and gazing.   That pissed me off.   Pissed me off, pissed me off, pissed me off.   I ran up and down the fence a few times, and then… I saw it.   I spotted a place where the bottom row of prickly wire was a little bit higher than any other places along the fence.   The Red Man scrambled under it and was outta there, Percy!   I ran up the fence just to let Slow and SB see me before I took off after the C-O-W-S.   Slow did her usual double take that indicates she’s trying to connect the missing dots, but too little, too late.   Adios, Amigos, I’ve got to rustle me up some C-O-W-S!

To Be Continued