Well, well, well.   I’m sensing a lot of happiness in Peepdom today.   Pretty and Slow are full of good cheer, and of course, the household benefits from a trickle-down effect so that’s what matters most to moi.   What’s the reason for this season?   Is it the regular holiday spirit?   Is it our outdoor lights?   Oops.  Can’t be those.   We left them in Texas on Worsham Street.  

It has something to do with the old Peeps on tv yesterday.   Slow watched the boring news channels while a bunch of old men with hair  as white as hers took some kind of a vote on something called Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.   Imagine.  Now, who thought that up?   Well, anyhow, the vote went her way and she couldn’t wait to run out the door to tell Pretty who was leaving to go to work.   The poor old woman was beside herself, and I thought she might fall before she got to the door.   Luckily, she didn’t, and Pretty was as thrilled as Slow, but she still had to go to work.

All I can say is the Peeps ain’t right.   They had to figure out a way to turn around a command that ordered some of them not to tell who they really were while they protected everybody else.   That’s the Peeps for you.   It would be like a command for The Red Man to not beg for food at the table, but if I did slip up and beg, I couldn’t bark about it.   I mean, it’s my Nature, if you catch my drift, so why would you want me to act like it isn’t?   Yessiree.   The Peeps love a command – right or wrong, and then it takes them forever to figure out how to change the wrong ones.   Give ’em an inch, and they’ll take a mile.

I’ll just accept the love today and try to spread it to my brothers and sisters.   That’s me, always one to bring  joy to others.   Heh, heh. 

  I think I’ll go spread some outside in the yard.