Yep.   I’m afraid I see the handwriting on the wall.   We’re about to saddle up the old Dodge pickup truck and head south and west.   Seems like I just got here, and now I’m movin’ on.   That’s the nomadic life of The Red Man these days, if you will.   I must be ever vigilant, or the truck will leave without me.   This afternoon the old girl Slow started scooping the dog food from our handy-dandy plastic container in the laundry room into two grocery bags (of course, she would use two for safety’s sake) and put a fresh bag of treats in our black cloth traveling sack.   Then she started out the front door to put the bag in the truck, and I practically knocked her down twirling and spinning and barking my head off to make sure she didn’t forget moi.   False alarm.   As you can see, nobody went anywhere.

Yeah, turns out we had a big ol’ White Christmas in South Carolina, thank you very much Bing Crosby wherever you are.   Did anybody know that Bing Crosby’s second wife whose name was Kathryn Grant was the daughter of Mr. Grandstaff who taught social studies at the junior high school in West Columbia, Texas, where Slow went to the ninth grade?   More importantly, does anybody CARE?   Kathy changed her last name from Grandstaff to Grant when she went to Hollywood and became a star.   Not that she was a really big  star, if you catch my drift.   When your biggest claim to fame is marrying Bing Crosby, and his SECOND wife at that, well, you can’t be REALLY BIG in my opinion.

Yet, I digress.   Columbia, South Carolina, hasn’t had a White Christmas since 1887.   I heard this news on the weather channel the other night when we were all glued to the tv and taking a break from The Good Wife dvd Pretty bought Slow for Christmas.   Season One.   Dear God, they’ve been watching that show for days and watched the final three episodes Christmas Day.   I need a weather update if you can tear yourselves away from Archie Panjabi PLEASE!!!   Hello out there – are we having SNOW or Ms. Panjabi???   What kind of name is that anyway???   Whatever happened to names like Myrna Loy??  Hmmmm…not the best example.

Regardless, I have been reduced to fending for myself on the sofa tonight and have balanced my butt precariously on the Black Lab Chelsea’s back.   She isn’t cool with this arrangement, and I sense I will be uprooted soon, but I mustn’t let Slow out of my sight.   The one certainty I have is The Red Man will be in the next pickup leaving for Texas.

   I’m not sure who rides with me, but the snow’s melting and the road’s calling my name.   Don’t let the door hit me on the way out.   Adios, amigos!   

      Joke for the day.   Heh, heh.

        Question:   “Would you like to be on the stage?”

       Answer:       “There’s one leavin’ in an hour!”

                                            —  Anonymous as in Who Would Want Credit Anyway?