Hallelujah!!   Hallelujah!!   Hallelujah!!   I am saved, I am saved, I am saved!!!   Pretty and Slow talked on the phone, and I don’t have to leave on my VERY LONG trip until next week!   Thank God for small favors.   Let me tell you I need a few more days of Rest and Relaxation before I jump into that pickup, and think how much more FUN it will be with Pretty going with us!   I am practically giddy with relief.   I feel so good I think I’ll dash outside and bark at something.   That’s right- I said bark, bark, bark! 

  (Pause for mad romp outside along the fence with the dogs who live behind me.   Fric and Frac – BIG German shepherd and TINY dachsund running at full tilt along the short white picket fence and I’m hoping and praying the big guy never figures out that he could STEP over that short fence and bite off one of my necessary body parts.   I really don’t know their names, but they win Most Animated in a Single Yard on Worsham Street.)

 Whew.   That felt good.   I seem to be getting my sea legs back under me today.   You know, my sea legs.   That’s a euphemism, of course, because I’ve never been to sea.   Whatever.   I think I’m feeling better, which is good news since I only have one more day of those magic pills.   I’m sending a big ol’ shout-out to Pretty right this minute for stepping up to the plate and showing The Red Man some love.   Hey, Pretty, thank you for coming to save me next week – I KNEW you loved me MOST!   I.O.U., Pretty, and The Red Man looks out for his family and friends, so you are a LUCKY girl!   I’ve got your back from now on, Pretty!     Pretty IS as Pretty DOES!!     Heh, heh.

And let’s hear it for Dr. Buffalo Bob, the vet who passed out the pills this week.   He was the nicest to moi in the midst of a humiliating physical exam.  I felt so bad I didn’t even make a comment earlier about his black cowboy boots with the maroon doctor uniform pants legs tucked inside them so that  all I really noticed were those cowboy boots.   These people in Texas take their cowboy image very seriously, and Dr. Buffalo Bob is no exception.   He may not have ridden a horse to his office because I didn’t see one H-O-R-S-E in the parking lot, but he could have that Wild West feeling with every step he took at work.  Yee Haw!   You gotta love it.   Oh, and by the way, a nice lady called from the doctor’s office today to check on The Red Man’s progress in his War Against the Worms.   Evidently everybody wants The Red Man to get well.

Last, but certainly not Least, thanks to all of my faithful fans for your well wishes via Facebook, Stumble Upon, emails – all the mysterious cyberspace waves that link us to each other’s daily lives.   I always love to hear from you, and this week in my hour of need, you’ve been the best!

So much for gratitude.   It’s chow time, and I’m hungry.

Adios, good neighbors!