Well, Amigos, I don’t know where the time goes when you have this much fun in a place, but clearly it Marches On.   Yessiree, the  moving paw writes, and having writ, moves on.   Hmmm….now there’s a thought to chew on for a while.   Downright philosophical, if you care about that sort of bullshit.   Which, of course, I don’t.   Nope, that’s more in the Old Woman’s department for sure.   Nothing Slow loves better than to MULL over something for a while.   She Mulls and Mulls and Mulls.   Boring, boring, BORING!   Fiddledeedee.   I prefer to think about things later – like Scarlett O’Hara at Tara.   I’m sure I couldn’t locate Tara with a compass or a map or even a GPS but I totally get the Peep Goddess’s attitude.   Pretty and I have a lot in common with Scarlett – we don’t like to Mull over much of anything because it doesn’t do us any good and we aren’t at our best when we delve into introspection.

Of course, my lack of introspection isn’t indicative of a lack of observation.   Not for a minute will the Peeps pull a fast one on The Red Man, let me assure you, and I’ve seen the signs for a change of venue in the winds.   Yep, when I see the pills and eye drops lined up and counted on the credenza in Slow’s office, I know I better get some rest.   I sniff a trip in the air, and I don’t mean to the grocery store, either.   I heard the old woman ordering extra meds today so I’m thinkin’ it’s Yeehaw Texas Time again!   Hang on to your cowboy boots and saddle up the Dodge Dakota!   We’ve got a thousand-mile trip to make before too long!   And when you jump in the saddle, you gotta be ready for the ride!

I can’t believe we’ve been in South Carolina for so long that I’ve gotten used to the city parks and Mary at the Fluff ‘N Puff beauty shop and Smiley Boy and his family and Daisy next door and Mr. Smokey Lonesome Ollie and the Ancient One Annie and the Drooling Black Lab Chelsea.   Geez Louise.   Whenever I begin to think fondly of the tennis ball-obsessing Chelsea, I know I’ve been a long time leavin’.   Mostly, though, I’ve gotten a passel of Pretty Pets for however long we’ve been here, and that’s the Real Deal for me.   I love me some Pretty.   Sigh.  

So, I guess I’ll call it a night while I begin to conserve my stamina for the trip south and west.   Wonder who’s goin’ with me this time?   Oh, well, I’ll think about that tomorrow…at Tara…