Stop! In the Name of Love!


I’m waxing all nostalgic about this high school in Detroit.   Why in the world would I possibly care about a school in Detroit?   I’ve never been to Detroit myself, and I heard the Old Woman Slow talking to Pretty yesterday about her ONE visit to Detroit and she seemed to be saying it wasn’t all that great.   Whatever.   She’s unreliable when it comes to her memory these days so it could have been a FABULOUS city for all I know.   I mean, all I really can say about Detroit for sure is it’s in a state called Mission Gun and is the home of Motown.   Oh, yeah, oh, yeah, oh, YEAH!   That’s right, Music Lovers, Detroit is where The Sounds of Rock n’ Roll captured the hearts and feet of the Peeps in the Poodle Skirts and Penny Loafers and Music reigned Supremes!!   Rock on, Motown!!

Heavy sigh.   Unfortunately, the Beat Does Not Go On.

Trick Question:   What do Diana Ross, Lily Tomlin and Jack White have in common? 

Wrong Answer:   They all starred in Dream Girls

Wrong Answer:   They are all gay

Correct Answer:  They are all alumni of Cass Technical High School in Detroit!

Imagine.   Diana Ross actually strolling the halls of Cass Tech and humming a familiar gospel tune in her head or Lily Tomlin wandering around in a daze looking for her math classroom.   Jack White – well, I’m not too sure what he would be doing with a marimba anyway because I don’t know what a marimba even is or how you play one, but he credits Cass Tech with his marimba-playing ability that clearly sowed the seeds of his future musical success.   All of these Famous Peep Stars – and a zillion more – had their inauspicious beginnings in the Detroit public school system and graduated from Cass Technical High School.   Who knew?   Not The Red Man, I must confess.

So, I find myself barking and twirling in dismay at the demolition of this historical school which will become a parking lot for Teenage Peep Cars, Trucks and SUV’s that belong to the Peep Students who attend the bright shiny new Cass Tech High School next door.   Say good night, John Boy.   They paved Paradise and made it a parking lot.

Any hope for rescue?   Ain’t no mountain high enough.