Well, Sports Fans, here I am in one of my favorite La Quintas – it’s near a Famous Peep Civil War site in Vicksburg, Missy Prissy.   As you may remember from my previous trips during the past year with Pretty and Slow, I LOVE Missy Prissy!   And, whenever we get to this VBurg LQ, I begin to sniff Ol’ Man River and feel the green, green grass of home.   And, that’s where my calculations get all screwed up because even though we drove 600 miles today, we still have 300 miles left before we get anywhere close to the green, green grass of Worsham Street.   It’s a long, long way to Tipperary – and from Canterbury Road to Worsham, too!

I’m exhausted for sure, but I had to tell you the bad news that Pretty isn’t with us on this trip.   Nope, nope, nope – not with us at all and I’m horrified because I thought she would be saddling up and ridin’ the range on the Big Trip.   Not to worry, though.   Pretty told the Old Woman Slow that her “solo trips” were over, so Auntie Am volunteered to drive us this time, and we’ve had a great day with her.   No nonsense for Auntie Am – she keeps on driving and gets the job done plus she has good stories to entertain Slow so the time passed fast.   We’ll be up and at ’em early in the morning and should be on Worsham Street tomorrow afternoon.   Yee Haw – snap my paws and call me a CowDog!!

 One of the highlights of my day was  the Welcome Center on I-20 as you cross over from Ali Baba to Missy Prissy.   Extremely large Pet Walk with pissing places galore and an excellent collection of 18-wheelers in the parking lot, if you like to see the Big Rigs, which I do.   Yessiree, you won’t find a better Welcome Center or a nicer group of Friendly Peeps.   Hello, aren’t you a cute little doggie?   My, oh, my – whatever do you feed him?   He’s a Fat Little Doggie, too!   Say WHAT???   Who you callin’ Fat Little Doggie, Peep Woman With No Room To Talk???

 I’ll leave it at that for the night.   The next time you hear from me I hope  I’ll be safely in the Lone Star State and visiting with my old friends Badger and Buddy and the remaining Little Women of Worsham Street.   Take a deep breath and wish upon a star tonight and if you see Pretty, tell her I wish she was here.