We got a good early start yesterday morning and said goodbye to the Vicksburg La Quinta,  roared off across the Long Bridge over the Missy Prissy River into Lucy Anna, and before you could say two shakes of a lamb’s tail we’d driven slap through the top part of the state and landed in Texas.   I recognized Texas right away because they immediately have a big ‘ol sign to Welcome Me and remind me Don’t Mess With Texas.   As if I would.   Or could.   You won’t catch me messing with anything as Big as Texas, let me tell you for sure.   Auntie Am and the old woman Slow weren’t up for messing with it, either.   Nosiree.   Wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole.

 So we kept driving and driving and driving some more and finally slowed down and came to a halt at a gasoline station in Nacogdoches.   Try that name on for size a time or two, will you?   I didn’t much care where we stopped as long as we stopped – I needed to stretch my legs and lift one high for a while, if you catch my drift.   I’d been drinking my water in the back seat of the Dodge Dakota and needed a Pee Party.   Who needs a Tea Party when you can have a Pee Party?   Heh, heh.   My little joke for the night.   Okay, so it wasn’t that funny.   Forgive moi.   Auntie Am says I’m suffering from something called Jet Lag today but that I’ll be back to “normal” tomorrow.   Dear God, deliver me from “normal.”

At any rate, as I was hoisting my back leg to relieve myself behind the gasoline station in Nacogdoches, I glanced across the driveway to a restaurant next door and saw a sign for Cockteles and Enchiladas.   That’s Spanish for Cocktails and Enchiladas.   Sigh.   I knew I was home.   You know you’re in Tejas when you’re drinking cockteles.  The road was long and winding, but the end was in sight.

Seven hours after we started yesterday we rounded the corner for the turn to Worsham Street and Slow said Bless us for a safe trip which is something Granny Selma used to say after a long trip when she had her right mind.   Whenever that was.  

My friends Badger and Buddy were moderately happy to see me, and the two remaining Little Women of Worsham Street showered me with True Love.   I’m missing Neighbor Jon and his wife and Pups and, of course, I’m missing Pretty most of all.   The Red Man is a Dog on the Edge tonight, but the stars are big and bright.   Deep in the Heart of Texas.

Badger and Red talk to Buddy through the fence at the house on Worsham Street…Hey, Guys, I’m BACK!!!