I am speechless.   I will have to postpone my comments until I have collected myself after watching  the 83rd Annual Academy Awards.   Stay tuned.  (See Below for Part II)

Seriously, Dude, it’s the Oscars as in Very Important Peep Award Show as in HOLLYWOOD with my favorite fairy-tale endings as in to quote that Peep Winner Missy Leo the Lion what the f— were you doing up there on that stage looking at your Dewberry all the time??!!  

As you know, moi is never one to be critical or whatever, but I’m gonna go out on a Big ‘Ol Limb here and say that the Peep Producers of the Granddaddy of all Awards shows need to agree to lose the Youth Viewers and just leave the Oscars to the Old Peeps who’ve been watching since before the Youth Viewers were born.   Yessiree.   Leave this one to the Baby Boomer Peeps, will you please?

Paw snaps for the beautiful scenery with all those lights and shiny sparkling designs and also for  the Peep with Personality Who Had to Overcome the Peep Tweeter Distraction Standing Next to Her.   You go, Pretty Peep – you don’t look a thing like your relative Miss Jane Hathaway from the Beverly Hillbillies.   Uh, oh.   Maybe you aren’t kin to her.   In Hollywood it’s hard to tell who’s real and who’s not and who’s related to truth or fiction.

At any rate, we had visitors who watched with us and stayed to the bitter end.   One of the Little Women of Worsham Street came and brought Badger, and he and I played outside in the front yard until the old woman Slow came to the door and caught me in a, shall we say, compromising position on Badger’s back and I was moved inside and Badger was escorted home with hurt feelings.   Our two Home Peeps from South Carolina who now live in the Woodlands nearby came and brought delicious snacks and Auntie Am made sure Big Girl Drinks and wine flowed freely.   Party on.

A good time was had by all, and Slow even printed Oscar ballots for the evening, but it wasn’t the same without Pretty this year.   Slow and Pretty LOVE the movies and the Oscars and have watched them together for the last 10 years, so everyone did their best to Party Hearty but You-Know-Who wasn’t as festive as she could have been.   I think she might have been missing Meryl Streep, too.   Where is Meryl when you need her?   Oh, Meryl, Oh, Pretty – we were horrified to watch the Oscars without you!!

 So another Academy Awards Show bites the dust, and I have one final question before I bid farewell to the Peep Awards.  

 Was it just me, or did Colin Firth give a King’s Speech?