Whoa, Nellie!   What’s up with the Presidential Peep and Peepettes at the Top Dog House in Peepdom??   My, oh my.   I’m rockin’ and rollin’ with the Motown Sound tonight!   Yessiree, yessiree, yessiree…the hits just keep on coming and I’m so mellow I could melt like ice cream left out of the freezer.   Oh, yeah.   I’m cool and I’m smooth and I’m lovin’ me some sweet songs from the Sixties!

Slow, the Old Woman of Worsham Street, bumbled around with the tv flipper tonight and drifted from her usual TNT dramas to a Real Educational Channel somewhere in cyberspace and managed to find a program I actually liked and could groove with.   Any night with Motown Magic is special, but I have to say I loved watching the Peeps in the audience loosening up and relaxing with my main man Stevie Wonder crooning and swaying to You Are the Sunshine of My Life.   That’s why I’ll always stay around you, baby, ohohoh, you are the apple of my eye, baby, ohohoh…Sing it, Sunglasses Peep, I hear you, ohohoh and I feel you, baby!   My paws are clapping with you and I’m wailin’ right there with your bad self.   If you’re looking for The Red Man tonight, he’s in Motown Heaven with the Ultra Cool Ones!

Smokey Robinson and Sheryl Crow were Super Hot together – You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me.   That’s right.   You do.   Who knew Sheryl Crow sang backup for the Gloved One Michael Jackson?   Certainly not moi.   Sounds like some bit of trivia Pretty would know.   Remember Heard It Through the Grapevine by Marvin Gaye?   Since Marvin has gone to the other side of midnight, another guy did a good rendition of that all-time favorite hit – but he wasn’t Marvin.   And Diana Ross and the Supremes?   No, Her Majesty wasn’t there herself, but the Supreme Spirit lives on in such Fabulous Favorites as   Stop! In The Name of Love!   Before you break my heart, think it o-ho-ver, haven’t I been good to you?   Think it o-ho-ver, haven’t I been sweet to you?   Well, on second thought, maybe not, so don’t think it o-ho-ver too long.   Heh, heh.   My little joke for the evening  in keeping with the Motown theme.

And, for a Youth Emphasis, some Jonas brother was there with a couple of the kids from Glee and they were trying their best to be as hip as Smokey and Stevie and I’ll give them an “E” for Effort.   Stick with the classics, Youth Peeps, and you’ll grow up to be groovy.

The Presidential Peep and First Lady Peep looked very happy with the V-Peep and Second Lady Peep and I was pleased to see that they knew most of the words to the Baby Boomer Anthems – rock on, Fearless Leaders of the Free World!   And as for all of the lucky ones in the Top Dog House audience tonight, your moves were as solid as black and white.

The only obvious slight was the absence of the First Pup, Bo Diddley.