I waited and waited and waited yesterday afternoon and waited some more and one of the Little Women of Worsham Street came over very late before dark and let me out to send a few pee-mails from the front yard and I looked through the fence to see what was going on and then FINALLY I heard the Dodge Dakota pull up on our gravel driveway and then the front door opened and IN WALKED PRETTY!!!

Oh, I was so happy to see her!  Zippity do dah – zippity ay – Pretty’s home, Pretty’s home, Pretty’s home!!!

Well, the first thing I did was jump in her lap when she and Slow sat for a while in the front porch rockers, and Pretty gave me the best Pets ever…oooohhhhhh, I’ve been missing my Pretty Pets….oooooohhhhhhh.

She also gave me a glowing report on the dogs she left behind, and I pretended to care.   If Pretty wants to talk about those other Big Dogs, I can always feign interest.   Anything to make Pretty happy to be home!!

Let the activities begin – I’d better adjust my walking attitude – we’ll be having us some LONG walks again now that Pretty’s back!   Yee Haw – Pretty’s in the House!