Just as I predicted, activities have PICKED UP when Pretty’s in the house!   I have to say I’ve spent quite a bit of time by myself the last couple of days while the old woman Slow and Pretty have been out gallivanting around.   I know what they’ve been up to, though.   Yessiree, yessiree, yessiree.   Nobody fools The Red Man.  They’re all smiley and nicey-nice and CHATTY when they leave moi to run off somewhere, but I know what’s up.   The Red Man is no fool.   They say things like Oh, don’t worry, Red.   We’ll be back in a little while.   You won’t even have time to miss us and we’ll give you a nice TREAT when we get back.   TREAT, my ass.   I want to go, too.   I want to have a little FUN and FRIVOLITY, you daffy old woman.   Pretty, I KNOW you want me to go with you, don’t you??

Alas, even Pretty can’t persuade Slow that I will be “good” enough to go with them.   Bite me, you persnickety old woman.   But, today was a beautiful zippity-do-dah day and Pretty told Slow that we were off for an in-town walk because we had to get a telephone number from a sign at the Old Barbershop over on Butler Street.   A word of history is in order here.   The Old Barbershop belonged to Slow’s grandfather who was a barber in Richards for 65 years.   Richards is 18 miles from Montgomery and somebody bought the little barbershop building and hauled it over here where it’s been for I don’t know how long but we walk by it every time we take our in-town walk and last night Pretty and I walked over there and saw the sign that said it is For Rent.   Now Slow and Pretty are finagling about what they could put in the Old Barbershop to sell and make money.    Both of them thought a liquor store was a good idea, but then Pretty and Slow decided Ma, the barber’s wife and Slow’s grandmother, would haunt them from the grave if somebody sold WHISKEY in the shop.

So this morning off we go on a fabulous day for an in-town walk and Slow got the phone number and called it but had to leave a message and so far, nobody’s called her back.   Well, Pretty can’t pass a store downtown without walking in and looking around at the doohickeys so we do what we always do.   We wait for Pretty.

Pretty always comes back to us, and the old woman and I don’t mind waiting.   I do find I need more naps, though, when I get home from a long walk with Pretty.   As a matter of fact, I feel one coming on now.    Ha.   I see the old woman headed in the direction of the bedroom.   Looks like I’ll have company.