Rainy days and Mondays always get me down…sigh.   I knew it, I knew it, I knew it.  Early this morning I heard the rumblings of a Texas-sized thunderstorm and had this sickening feeling that today was going to be a disaster for moi.   Don’t get me wrong.   I totally get that my relatively tiny disasters are not anything like really BIG DISASTERS you see these days on the tv news from Japan with its earth quakers and gigantic ocean waves.   I know when Anderson Cooper goes somewhere it must be horrible for the Peeps who live there.   Most of the time I can’t stand to watch his reports because they’re so woeful, as in full of real woe.   The Red Man feels a deep sorrow for the Pacific Peeps and Pups tonight and hopes that nothing else BAD happens to them.   They’ve got enough to worry about as it is.

And like I said, I predicted my day was going on a downward spiral with the lightning cracklin’ and thunder roarin’ in the early morning hours.   I hate a storm.  I truly do.  Storms make me very nervous.   I can’t help myself.   So, when Pretty rolled out of bed this morning and made her way to the bathroom, I followed her and jumped into the bathtub with her while she turned on the water in the shower.   That Pretty was surprised, let me tell you, but she acted like I did it every day and didn’t seem to mind a bit.   As a matter of fact, she even lathered me up some with her shampoo and pretended we’d planned the whole thing.   Can you believe how flexible Pretty is??   The old woman Slow would have had a hissy fit and thrown me out of the tub on my ass, but Pretty goes along with anything and she ALMOST made me forget how much I hated the storm!

Now here comes the bad part of the day for moi.   Pretty packed up and left me.   Packed her little silver bag and filled up her big purse with books and off she went to South Carolina.   She told me she was sorry to leave me but she had to get back to Ollie and Annie and Chelsea.   Oh, brother, say it ain’t so, Pretty!   As if those three don’t see plenty of you.   They probably don’t even appreciate you when you’re there and here I am down in Texas appreciating the fool out of you! 

Oh, well.   This is my own little disaster and I’ll have to make the best of it.   In the meantime, here’s what I think of today…