Okay, so I’m trying NOT to take it personally that Lexie and Toolie and Miss Scarlett and Bandit and Juicy have left Worsham Street, but now I see that they are selling their beautiful yard to STRANGERS!   I demand to interview all potential Pups for their suitability to live next door to The Red Man.   I say, I must have first right of refusal for all Pups interested in keeping company with moi.   Hmmm…who’s to blame for this disaaster in the Hood?

     Could it possibly be Lexie???   Oh, dear God, perish the thought!

                                                  But, now that I think about it…hmmmm…I bet that bitch is still harboring a grudge for my peemails across the fence in their yard.   Yessiree, yessiree, yessiree.   I’m afraid I’ve solved the mystery.   Well, snap my paws and call me a detective!!   I can sniff guilt in the very air I breathe, and I am convinced the blame can be placed squarely on the hind quarters of Lexie and the sad part of this is she was always my favorite.   I secretly found her brown speckled body quite attractive in a wild way and loved how she barked and ran with me up and down our fence like a bat out of hell.   That was some fun running, let me tell you.   I always say nothing’s better than a good bark and run with a yelp or two thrown in for good measure just to get the old woman Slow’s attention with her Come here, Red, come here, Red pathetic intervention.   I find those efforts hilarious and it’s even better when she tries to catch me.   Hysterical.   She tries to be quick, but those chunky short legs of hers are no match for the speed and elusiveness of The Red Man.  

   Worsham Street is in a turmoil tonight for sure and we are all bumfuzzled and, frankly, just plain bummed out.   Who will rescue us???