The old woman Slow is in a daze.   We had a female Peep who was the Mystery Visitor I knew must be coming because of the Old Woman’s preparation mode earlier this week.   I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!   It’s impossible to fool The Red Man about company in the house on Worsham Street.   I can always tell when she washes the sheets on the bed in the Visitor Room.   Presto – a Peep appears out of nowhere!    I assume the Peep flew in, although I was excluded from the Welcoming Committee at the airport.   Excuse me?  Oh, well.   Big Deal.   Evidently, this woman was from the Land of Far Away and Long Ago if the conversations were any indication.   I couldn’t care less about Seattle in the 70s.   Boring.   Super boring.   I had to take to my bed with the vapors.

But the daze began before the visit.   Slow’s favorite MOVIE STAR of ALL TIME died this week.   Elizabeth Taylor was her name and the daffy old twit was muy triste, which is Spanish for very sad.   ( You will remember that I have Spanish as a third language after DOG and English, thanks to the patient efforts of Smiley Boy.)   Yessiree, I understood as soon as Slow pulled out the antiquated scrapbook where she pasted those pictures of her favorite movie and tv stars when she was a teenager that she’d be in a major funk.   I heard her talking to Pretty on the phone and I figured Pretty was trying to make her feel better.   The Old Woman can be such a drama queen – going on and on about the last Hollywood Star from the Golden Age, blah, blah, blah.


Bow Wow – she WAS so HOT she was SMOKIN’!!    I totally get it!!    I can’t blame the old woman for going on and on about her.   And from the stories I’ve heard the last couple of days from Slow, Liz had a big heart to go with her sexy sizzle.   Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about – beauty, brains and bravado bundled in one package for 79 years.   What more could you want?

Well, Slow and the Mystery Visitor traveled to Granny Selma’s yesterday for her birthday bash, and I was glad the old woman had a diversion from her Liz Loss.   Of course, I was somewhat surprised and disappointed I wasn’t invited to the little birthday party for GS and hope I’m not detecting a pattern here.  Whatever.   I was fine with a day to myself.  Company wears me out.

And, then, wouldn’t you just know it??   The Mystery Visitor leaves this morning to go back to the Land of Far Away and Long Ago and we’re getting our routine together again when Bam!   Another Peep dies.   Can you believe it??    This one was a Peep Politician from the 80s and Slow has been thrown for another loop.

Yep, the first woman to try to become The Veep Peep from one of the major political parties in their Peep Kingdom.   A history maker for sure and supported by Slow during the decade she lost for all other practical purposes but still remembers the Geraldine Peep with much fondness and admiration and has slipped precariously into a Remembering Women We’ve Lost Edge of Darkness.  I fear she will drop over the ledge unless I can somehow rescue her.   Never fear – The Red Man is here!!

My strategy is flawless.  I will remind Slow that March is Women’s History Month and the two women she’s Lost were a part of her history and like other parts, they move on.   We have our memories and we’re glad they were ours for a time but like everything else in life – they were On Loan.   Adios.   Farewell.   Thanks for playin’.

And, as Bob Hope was famous for saying, Thanks for the memories.   The female Peeps owe you, Liz and Geraldine.  Big time.  For your glamour and your guts to be who you really were, they owe you.

I myself am calling it a night.   It’s a night.