Okay, so I’m not feeling good about this picture.   Looks like the wheels have come off our trusty Dodge Dakota and I would truly be worried except I’ve seen our pickup this afternoon and the wheels are definitely back on.   I heard the old woman Slow tell one of the Little Women of Worsham Street  tonight we’d gotten a brake job yesterday.   Good for us.   We probably could use one.    Hmmm…brake job yesterday…cleaning out the refrigerator today…counting pills and packing the pill bottles in the small green plaid bag tonight. 

  Well, snap my paws and call me a fortune teller!   I see (pause and cock head in puzzled manner as if in deep thought) a TRIP in The Red Man’s Future!!   Yippee, yippee, hooray!   We must be headed home to South Carolina where Pretty and Ollie Smokey Lonesome and Paw Licker Annie and Tennis Ball Obsessed Chelsea are waiting for us!!   Yep, I feel a Big Ol’ Trip comin’ on and I’m ready to rock ‘n roll.   Big wheels keep on rollin’.   Proud Mary and The Red Man are headed north and east to hook up with Pretty and the Pups and we won’t be satisfied until we see the whites of their eyes.   The good news is we’re leavin’.

The bad news is we’re leavin’.   We’ll have to say good-bye to Worsham Street and the Little Women and Badger and Buddy and Botox and Brinkley and Ex-Neighbor Jon and the Countless Cousins and Granny Selma who’s in a minimum security country club prison.   I won’t bother to say farewell to the horrible C-A-T-S who annoy me on a daily basis.   I’ll leave them a peemail.

Adios, Texas – hasta la vista, which is Spanish for until I see you again, or something like that.   Whatever.   You catch my drift.   Save my place until I see you the next time.