Home is the Sailor, home from the sea, and the Hunter, home from the hill and The Red Man, home from Texas.   I wish I had time to describe the trip, but I’ll save that for tonight.   Suffice it to say I won’t soon forget it.   Preview of upcoming tales:  one of the Little Women of Worsham Street came with us and thank God she did because the old woman Slow took a tumble leaving a Subway somewhere in Lucy Anna and couldn’t drive the rest of the way.   I assume she’d had The Cold Cut Combo but never knew for sure since I didn’t think about it any more after The Fall.

I sniffed the green, green grass of home at the Welcome Center and pissed on it as well.

More later, Sports Fans!  The Red Man’s feeling feisty and muy feliz to see Pretty and the Pups!  That’s Spanish for very happy!!