So I’m Bad, Bad Leroy Brown…Baddest Dog in the whole damn town…meaner than a junk yard dog…nah nah nah nah nah nah nah.   SAY WHAT???   Yeah, that’s right.  I’m Bad and I’m cruisin’ the Hood in Columbia these days.   I’m takin’ the old woman Slow for a walk on the wild side and sniffing around to see if anything’s changed since I was here before.   Hmmm…

Sidewalks, Big Brick Walls, Cars not Pickup Trucks, Big Buildings and a Dome with a Confederate Flag flying proudly below it.   Yep, I’m definitely in South Carolina and living the Downtown Life again.   The other dogs who I will now refer to as The Big Three went with Pretty to the house where the Tennis Coach lives while Pretty hits the tennis balls with her friends and the TC yells at them to try harder.   Yours truly got the consolation prize.   A walk with Slow.   I don’t understand it.   Why does Pretty leave me with the old woman and take The Big Three with her?   I guess she feels sorry for Slow and thinks I can help her take care of the daffy old twit.   Shit house mouse.   The burdens I bear for Pretty.

Well, I can roll with the punches and do my part for the cause and I really needed to leave a few peemails around the neighborhood anyway.   You know what I mean.  

I’m feelin’ macho and ready to whip some ass if one of these Pups living in a big house makes the mistake of running out to bark at The Red Man.   Sigh.   It’s hard to be meaner than a junk yard dog in the middle of pink flowers.

I’ve got an image issue, but I’ll have to work on it later. 

  For tonight, Sports Fans, I’ll say I hope you’re all sleepin’ tight and not lettin’ the bed bugs bite because I’m about to join you.   Hasta la vista, which is Spanish for I’ll check you later, gator.