None of my Sports Fans will mind if I rhyme,

     and when I am dreamin’, I dream of these signs.

                                   The End

                                                                                                     Real Men dig Poetry, Dude.

     And when I awake, I awake with a start…

        to find that my dreams are safe in my heart.

Awwwwwwwww…so incredibly poetic I decided to give a reading outside in the yard to Annie and Ollie.   Impressive response.

Maybe poetry really isn’t for The Red Man.   Oh, well.  Asi es la vida, which is Spanish for such is life.   That’s my quote of the week and I hope it works for you.   Remember to keep on dreaming – maybe you’ll see some signs of your own and maybe, just maybe, they’ll inspire you to poetry or SOMETHING!

In the meantime, I’ll catch up with you later.