So, I’m not one to make mountains out of mole hills or anything like that, but the old woman Slow has a Doozie of a Birthday Today.   Yep, I’m also not one to BROADCAST AGES, either, but can anyone say her eligbility for Medicare went into effect with this birthday and I will allow you to draw your own conclusions from that little hint and/or look it up in cyberspace if you happen to be living under a rock and only venturing out from under it once a year for The State Fair which is the only possible explanation you’d have for not knowing when Medicare kicks in for Senior Peeps.   Whatever…let’s just say she should get discounts for EVERYTHING under the sun for being as old as she is today.  The old woman has passed the point of no return, in my humble opinion.

At any rate, I’m thinking she must be very philosophical and all introspective and wondering about the meaning of life and all of that other bullshit she just LOVES to think about on a regular basis and totally annoys the PISS out of me because (a) it bores me to tears and (b) who really gives a crap anyway and (c) we’re all headed for the final round-up somewhere and (d) nobody has a clue where it is or who’s the Head Wrangler.   So, why all the angst, Senior Peep?  

Well, I sneaked a peek at her food for thought today and guess what I found?   The Tequila Shots!!!!!

Now you see what I have to put up with…sigh.   Let her have her fun and let the good times roll whenever she wakes up from her naps.   In the meantime, The Red Man wishes Slow a Happy Birthday and many more where these came from!  At least, she’s not as old as Granny Selma, who is as old as dirt.