While strolling through the park one day, in the merry, merry month of May…I was taken by surprise by…la-ti-da-ti-da-la-la, etc. etc., etc.   I actually DID stroll through Quinine Hill Park this morning with the old woman Slow and Tennis Ball Obsessed Chelsea, the Black Lab who never goes to see Mary and I WAS taken by surprise by one of those little chihuahua pups who ran at me like a bat out of hell and generally made it his goal in life to annoy the shit out of me.   Because of his little white ass, I had to stay on my dreaded leash and walk the track in the park with the old woman at her pace which is a CRAWL, let me tell you, but I can also assure you I made a real SCENE whenever we got close to that little runt and the two old men who brought him to MY park.   I performed my very best barks and acrobatics to indicate myobvious disdain for any pup foolish enough to trespass my territory.     The old men and Killer Chihuahua were  appropriately impressed with my antics, but I was the one still on the leash.  Ridiculous.

   And I was on such a HIGH when I left Casa de Canterbury this morning in the seen-better-days Dodge Dakota pickup truck.   Yessiree, yessiree, yessiree.   I was on TOP OF THE WORLD – it was going to be a zippity-do-dah day.   What accounted for The Red Man’s upbeat mood?   Inquiring Minds want to know!   Well, of course, I have to say it began with  The Royal Wedding of Prince William W. and Princess Katie M.   I’m a sucker for romance, as all my followers know, and Sisters and Brothers, this story SIZZLES!!

Leave it to the Brits to give us some Pomp and Circumstance, but give credit to His Royal Highness Handsome Peep William and Her Royal Highness Pretty Peep Kate for giving us a glimpse of love and hope for our futures.   Nothing like a Royal Wedding with horses, carriages, WWII airplane flyover, hats, bright red uniforms with those royal blue sashes, swords, white gloves, and did I mention hats??   Dear God – those hats.  But, mostly the story was as old as time with two happy chatty Peeps who seemed to really love each other.   Sigh.   I am hopeful for a Hollywood ending for these two.   They have spunk and like to do things their own way regardless of what the Old Royal Peeps think.   You go, Will and Kate!   The Red Man thanks you for bringing us all something fun to think about for a change.   Yes, Love Was In The Air this weekend, and I caught a good whiff of it…

  Unfortunately, I found one tiny flaw of an obvious omission to the Guest List.   The Royal Pups…hey, your Queenness in the bright yellow outfit with the Corgis in the family – Where Were They?   So much for inclusiveness and diversity.   I’m never one to criticize, but Man’s Best Friend should have been a part of the festivities.   Oh, well, maybe they got leftover canapes.

And, then, I’m minding my own business on a Sunday night after The Killing, a new favorite TV series on AMC.    To be honest, I’d just stepped out in the back yard for my final peemail of the evening, when Pretty yells down to Slow from upstairs: Bin Laden is dead – Bin Laden is dead!!   Well, Slow started locking up so fast I barely had a chance to piss and run through the doggie door before she slammed the back door and ran upstairs to watch the breaking news with Pretty, who always knows what’s going on before any of the rest of us.   Of course, even moi knew who this Evil Peep was and totally understood why Pretty and Slow were so thrilled to see him gone to the vile dust from whence he sprung – unwept, unhonored and unsung.   Hmmm…poetry hits me out of the blue sometimes.   At any rate, one less Evil Peep on the planet so I was feeling we might take a ride on the Peace Train since he was gone.   Blow the whistle of Justice as the Peace Train leaves the station.   All Aboard!!

Well, although the Killer Chihuahua did his best to try to ruin my Hallelujah Mood this morning, The Red Man chose to rise above the fray and keep on truckin’ with the smells of Love and Hope and Justice and Peace that the winds blew through this past weekend.  

Don’t bring me down.