So all the votes have been counted, and Ex-Neighbor Jon wins by a Landslide!   I’m talkin’ whip ass here in Montgomery – as in Big Time!   Yessiree, yessiree, yessiree…the Voter Peeps have spoken and the Man of the Hour is none other than my Good Pal Peep Jon who leaves the gate open periodically in our back yard to allow me to escape and run across Highway 105 to Jim’s Hardware where other Peeps rescue me and return me to the old woman Slow and Pretty.   Hooray for the democratic process and too bad for the Losers.  Oh, yeah.   Hate it for you.   Love you…mean it.    I’m running with the winning team – for once, and Yours Truly is feeling feisty!

As a matter of fact, you might say I’m feeling a Power Surge because my side WON and I’m in the Driver’s Seat tonight because that’s how Peep Politics Perk-o-late, isn’t it?

I’m makin’ my list and checkin’ it twice to be sure I don’t overlook anything I really WANT when I visit the new City CouncilPeep – break out the Special Chew Sticks – The Red Man is ready to PARTY!!