I knew something was up when they took away the water bowls last night.   No water bowls, no water bowls, no water bowls.   No food this morning.   No water, no food, nothing, nada which is Spanish for not a damn thing.   Pretty, SAVE ME – PLEASE DON”T TAKE ME AWAY TODAY!!!

Teeth Cleaning???   Did Lassie have her teeth cleaned??  Did Rin Tin Tin have his teeth cleaned??   Remember Old Yeller – how do you think he got that name??  

Okay, so I have this Hottie Doc and I really like her most of the time, but how can she treat me this way?   Please don’t do this to The Red Man, O Most Powerful Medicine Woman Peep with New Age Specs, I say as she waves her Magic Needle toward my leg and that’s the last I vaguely remember until I woke up much, much later with a REALLY SORE MOUTH.   Thank you for playing, Hottie Doc.

I’m a little woozie tonight so I think I’ll have to catch you later, Sports Fans.   The Red Man is reeling from some great drugs and wishes he could share some Gaga Juice with all of his Amigos.   Instead, he’ll just send you a peemail.