Whoa, Nellie!!   Michael Strahan supports WHAT??   Full Marriage Equality??   I’m stunned.   That’s right – you heard me.   S-T-U-N-N-E-D, as in flabbergasted, as in dumbfounded, as in dazed, etc.   I mean, this is one of The Red Man’s football Favorites.   Yours truly has always been a football aficionado, which is Italian for football fan, and Michael Strahan was a Slam Bam No Thank You QB Kinda Guy.   We’re talkin’ SERIOUS HURT on you when he made a tackle.  

Sooooo…now we have a Major Football Player/Analyst supporting Full Peep Marriage Equality for people like Pretty and Slow, for God’s sake.   Well, I Never – and I mean, NEVER, thought I’d see this day.   What’s the Big Deal, you ask?   So he’s a Football Player.   Whatever.   These GLEEPS (Gay and Lesbian Peeps for any new fans) already can almost join the military with no problemos.   They have Will and Grace, don’t they?   Well, on re-runs anyway.  What more could they want???   Who needs to get married???

Well, according to Michael Strahan, ex-NFL Super Stud, Pretty and Slow should be able to if they want to, and The Red Man won’t argue with him.    They’d better put a rush on that full marriage equality thing, though, because the old woman Slow isn’t getting any younger, if you catch my drift.

Thanks, Michael – from your lips to God’s ears!

Get me outta here, Percy!   Adios, Sports Fans…hope you have a Super Bowl kind of week!