Ugh.   Shit house mouse.   No wonder I have trouble sleeping in South Carolina.   I have to fight for a place on a king-sized bed to lay down my weary head!  I mean, it could be a Geico commercial, for God’s sake.    Could switching to Geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance??   Fade to picture of two very LARGE dogs of unidentified origin and one Handsome Welsh terrier of distinction  on a king-sized bed.   Is Two a Party and Three’s a Crowd???    Heh, heh.   My little joke for the night.   So, eat your heart out, you danged woodchucks chucking that wood and you little piggy saying WEE, WEE, WEE all the way home.   The Red Man needs a Geico commercial for extra dinero (which is Spanish for money) so we could afford a BIGGER BED if they make bigger than king-size, or maybe an extended stay to Camp Bow Wow for a couple of big dogs I’m seeing WAY too much of these days.   Geez Louise.   And a Geico commercial is my best idea??   Hmmm…SOMEBODY must need TV monitoring while Pretty is at work.

Poor Pretty.   She works so hard at the General Store and the old woman Slow can’t keep up with her schedule so Pretty has to tell her every night what time she’s working the next day.   Of course, Yours Truly would have sense enough to WRITE IT DOWN on a calendar like Pretty does, but Slow is, well, slow.   At any rate, Pretty is still full of Pretty Pets for moi whenever she gets home, and I do my best to keep the household running smoothly in her absence.   Oh, Pretty, if only our ship could come in, I would sweep you away from the Land of Mercantile.   But I’d still keep buying my Buddy Biscuits and other goodies from the Mast.

Well, Sports Fans, time for some zzzzzz’s and claiming my spot on the corner of the bed.   Actually, I probably shouldn’t complain about it – could be worse!   Ask Paw Licker Annie.