Well, Amigos, I may need a new Editor next week to keep the Blog Wheels Turnin’.   Yep, the old woman Slow who is my current cranky assistant is having her Caddy Racks Surgery on Tuesday and I have a feelin’ she’ll be worthless to moi for a few days.   Oh, woe is me.   I am undone.    What to do?   What to do?   What to do?   I’m sure she’ll be fine, but I’m a Nervous Wreck  about ME and my FANS and their potential disappointments if The Red Man can’t rant and rave per usual.   Popularity fades as often as the wind changes its course, you know, and Yours Truly is on a Risin’ High Tide of popularity these days.   I’m in with the In Crowd – I go where the In Crowd goes and know what the In Crowd knows  -so I can’t afford an interruption in service, if you catch my drift.

I suppose I should have known the problemos (which is Spanish for problems) I’d have with a Senior Citizen for an assistant, but my applicant pool was limited to put it mildly and my unfailing good nature got the best of me.   What are your qualifications, I remember asking on that fateful day almost 75,000 words ago…and Slow bumbled around in circles for a while before admitting this would be her first efforts in the Blogosphere of Cyberspace.   What??   And you are using MOI as your guinea pig??   Give me a break, for God’s sake.  I have plenty to say, and I need the VERY BEST assistant possible!!   But, of course, that’s all water under the dam now and I have taught the old woman a few new tricks as I’ve guided her with kid paws down the road to blogging success.

Yikes, and what will I do about my pictures being taken by a Peep without Peepers??  Heh, heh.   My little joke for the afternoon.  

Alas, The Red Man has a predicament and will appreciate the patience of his Sports Fans everywhere.   Yes, yes, I know.   All of you wish the old woman warmest wishes for surgical success.   Ho hum.   Ho hum.   But stay focused on the Big Picture in the coming days and I’ll keep you posted.   Literally.   Posted.   Get it??   Another small joke.

At least the poor old thing had a fun time at Pretty’s General Store yesterday with her good friend Uncle Dick Peep.   How much excitement can those two stand??!!


Okay, Sports Fans – listen up!   Gamecocks and Longhorns both playing baseball in Omaha World Series, US Open Golf final holes today and Wimbledon starts tomorrow plus Pretty and Slow are hangin’ on to their hats with the drama of  the season finale of The Killing tonight so Spectator Couch Space is at a Premium at Casa de Canterbury these days.   Move over Big Dogs, the Baddest Dog needs a Break!