Okay, I’m all about taking care of the sick and like that, but when I get an invite to a pool in this HEAT up in here, well, sorry, Slow, but I’ll be waving goodbye to you from the old Dodge Dakota and slippin’ away to Auntie Am’s for a visit.   Thank you, Pretty, for realizing the pressure I’ve been under lately with the old woman Slow’s surgery and now her Shingles on top of that so there’s just no end in sight for any activity with her and I NEED A BREAK!!   Pretty knows best.







As luck would have it,  there’s a slight problemo (which is Spanish for problem) with Auntie Am’s Pup Emmy Lou.   She’s a different-colored version of Tennis Ball Obsessed Chelsea and she chases orange floating balls endlessly in the swimming pool like Chelsea does tennis balls on dry land, for God’s sake.   Girl, get a life and get out of that water – you’re no fun!   I mean, we can gossip about the LEEPS (which is my name for Lesbian Peeps) and Hottie Doc who we both love and adore except when she gives us shots and the best places to send peemails and anything else we want to bark about.   This is a VISIT, and I would appreciate some fun in the sun so get out of that water and forget about the ridiculous orange balls!!

So, Sports Fans, let’s get this party started and hope everyone has a GREAT weekend with lots of sunshine headin’ your way!!   Don’t let the stars get in your eyes – don’t let the moon break your heart.   Love blooms at night but in daylight it flies, so don’t let the stars get in your eyes.   But if you happen to catch a fallin’ star, go ahead and put it in your pocket.   Heh, heh.  My little songs for the weekend.

P.S. Go Cocks – The Red Man is pullin’ for you all the way!!