Hallelujah!   Hallelujah!   Hallelujah!   Brenda Leigh Johnson returned to her rightful position as the Queen of Monday Night Drama tonight on The Closer and The Red Man is ecstatic, let me tell you!!

What is life without love and what is love without Brenda Leigh?   Our household has been like a gigantic ship adrift in a vast ocean of restless waves hammering against it and tossing it to and fro without any sense of direction or purpose since the last episode of Season 6 many moons ago.   Time has stood still while we waited… and waited… and waited some more for our favorite TV Peeps to come redeem us from our feelings of anxiety and hopelessness.   Gloom and doom have been the order of the day up in here at Casa de Canterbury.

Sniff, sniff.   What’s that I smell??   The whiffs of Sexy and Smart and Super Cool are once again blowing through the airwaves on TNT and I love what I’m smellin’.   All is not lost.    There is a God after all, and my prayers have been answered.   Welcome Home, Kyra Sedgwick!!  

 If Handel were alive, he’d write another Hallelujah Chorus!!

Uh, oh.   Do any of my Sports Fans remember a certain confession Yours Truly made on April 18th.  when I was caught  in the throes of depression from missing Brenda Leigh and mentioned that I MIGHT have found solace for my grief in the form of one Julianna Margulies a/k/a The Good Wife?   Shit house mouse.   Be sure your sins will find you out.

Forgive me, Brenda Leigh.   The Good Wife made me do it.