Pretty!   Pretty!   Oh, Pretty – what is the hidden meaning behind this picture of  you and Boy Baby Peep??  

You must NEVER hold anyone in your arms except The Red Man and with my permission the old woman Slow!   You know that, don’t you Pretty?

Of course you do, so I’m allowing you this ONE Free Pass for the Boy Baby Peep…and only then because his mother is Dutch and we don’t know that many Dutch people so we can use a little culture de Europa (which is Spanish for from Europe) plus she comes to see us at our house sometimes and always speaks pleasantly to moi.   We waited and waited for the Little Peep to make his entrance and Yours Truly tried to be very supportive during the pregnancy since the Dutch woman is so sweet but look what happens as soon as I turn my back?   The little devil tries to horn in on my Pretty Pets.

Wait ’til he can defend himself.   I’ll have a few lessons for him on how to win Amigos and be like The Red Man who is a Role Model for harmony and good will and humility in the midst of high Peep and Pup dramas.

In the meantime, Pretty, try to focus on your priorities.  

     Priority # 1 – The Red Man’s Pretty Pets

     Priority # 2 – The Red Man’s Food

     Priority # 3 – The Red Man’s Good Graces

Thank you very much.