Alrighty then, here we go.   Geez Louise.  Does every old Peep pack this many pills and potions when they leave town??   I’ve never seen such a conglomeration of  pharmaceutical labels in my life!  

Wouldn’t suprise me if we set up a roadside stand somewhere along the way on this trip and sold DRUGS instead of peaches and tomatoes, for God’s sake.      Step this way, folks.   Right over here.   Get your Super-Duper Didgeridoos to cure whatever ails you.   We got your eye drops for the shingles and your pain meds for the tingles.   We got your pills to help you sleep and your pills to stop the weeps.   We got big pills, small pills and Kinkajou Juice if you prefer your meds in liquid form.   High blood pressure – High cholesterol – Low thyroid…no problem…we got you covered.    It’s the Old Woman Slow’s Traveling Medicine Show!!!

Pathetic, really pathetic.   The Red Man has put up with a ton of bullshit from Slow while she’s been under the weather for the past month.   Sleep, sleep, sleep.   Whine, whine, whine.   PLEASE shut up and go back to sleep, sleep, sleep if you don’t mind.   But, the daffy old twit must be feeling better or at least she’s convinced Pretty that she’s well enough to hit the road again so all I can say is I’ll be glad for a change of scenery.  

And no more stairs to climb for a while.