I gotta keep close tabs on the suitcases so the old woman Slow doesn’t slip around behind my back and try to skip out on me.   Yeah, wouldn’t that be just like her?    I’m doing my best to help her get ready to go because her mind gets on autopilot these days and I’m afraid she’ll forget something Super Important like maybe MOI!!

        Whoa, Nellie!    Bite your tongue.   The Red Man hears the Call of the Wild and won’t be denied this trip…been a long time leavin’ but I’ll be a long time gone.   Heh, heh.   Remember that country song, Amigos?   I’m practicing my C & W songs for the long lonesome interstates in the Dodge Dakota.    Oh, check that.   Won’t be very lonesome with Slow and whoever goes along with us but count on LONG hours on those interstates.    I know Pretty won’t let  me and Slow go by ourselves this time.   Probably never again.   Oh, well.   It gets a little crowded in a pickup cab but beats a covered wagon.    Ouch.

Git along, little dogies – yee haw, I’m rarin’ to go.   BTW, what’s a little dogie??   Hot dogie??   Pronto Pup??  Corn dogie??   Well, whatever it is, I’m gittin’ along with ’em.  

As for the rest of the Pack at Casa de Canterbury, I think they’ve connected the dots and are getting a clear picture of a trip in the works.

Paw Licker Annie knows the score and has been in a Major Pout Mode lately.   Sorry, Grannie Annie.   You’re one of the Stay-at-Homes.