As all my Amigos know, The Red Man isn’t a fan of thunder and lightning or even a light rain for that matter.   My therapist thinks it stems from an episode at the Old Place on Bee Ridge when Pretty and the old woman Slow packed all of us into the half-bathroom downstairs because they were afraid they heard a tornado outside.   Shit house mouse.   Who wouldn’t have a few snakes in their head after that trauma??   Annie, Chelsea, Ollie, Pretty, Slow and moi packed like sardines in a tin can in a bathroom the size of a miniature closet.   I swear I couldn’t BREATHE, and the Big Dogs wouldn’t be still.   They actually thought they could MOVE in that claustrophobic space.   As for the tornado, it turned out to be wind in the chimney in the living room.   Sigh.   Those Leeps (lesbian peeps for my new fans) have paid for that mistake, let me tell you.    At any rate, I have panic attacks that resist even the best calming drugs so Slow bought me my Thunder Shirt which doesn’t really help me with the panic attacks but I like it because she had it monogrammed with my name.   Heh, heh.   Seriously.   I love me my own monogrammed Thunder Shirt.   Once the panic attack is over, I like to wear it around the house like Slow wears her pajama jeans.   Now that’s a picture you don’t want to see.

Last night we had us a humdinger of a storm on Worsham Street, and I thought the crazy old woman was gonna be struck by lightning or worse when she got the bright idea to take those baskets of ferns hanging on the front porch and put them on the  steps in the pouring down rain.   Yep, it would be just like her to meet her Maker over two fern baskets.   Whatever.

Well, we all survived the storm but the bad weather threatened again early this morning so I now have my Thunder Shirt on.   Slow let us loose in the back yard for some exploring and my nemesis Mr. Big German Shepherd was across the fence and up for some fence running.    Run Silent, Run Deep?   Deep Maybe…Silent?   Never.

The Big Guy was so startled by The Red Man’s Thunder Shirt he froze in his paw tracks.   The Red Man Rocks!

Well, then Smokey Lonesome Ollie takes a notion to whip up some action and all hell broke loose!!

So, I don’t know how your day’s going, but I’m off to a roaring start!!