Well, I thought I’d take this opportunity to wish all my Amigos in Cyber Space a Happy Labor Day Holiday tomorrow with a zippity-do-dah- take- a- day- off  Monday on the horizon and no school for the Kiddie Peeps and no bills coming in the mail because there’s no mail and plenty of good food like hamburgers and hot dogs and adult beverages to go with ’em wherever possible and, generally speaking, a good old fashioned Final Fling for the Summer of 2-0-1-1.   It’s a wrap.   Close the books on it.   Get ready for Fall Festivities.

But as the Fickle Finger of Fate would have it, The Red Man has trouble right here in River City tonight and is barely able to concentrate on this evening, much less tomorrow.   Worsham Street has problemos which is Spanish for problems, if you catch my drift, and drift is part of my problemos.   As in smoke and haze and burning smells drifting through the ‘Hood and into our yard and house tonight.   Even the old woman Slow smelled this smoke and asked the Peeps  up and down Worsham Street what was going on.   Finally, she got the word from Ex-neighbor Jon’s Wife that we were down wind from a Gigantic Fire 30 miles north of us on the other side of Huntsville.   Geez Louise.

So the old girl switched from watching The Good Wife on TV to the local news and I think southeast Texas is Tiger, Tiger burning bright from the fires of hell this very night!   The flames are shooting up so high in some places they’re burning the power lines and everybody knows that’s a disaster.   Three hundred homes burned in Bastrop County outside of Austin and thousands of acres of trees and bushes and brambles and grass are still on fire.   Shit house mouse.   Let’s switch back to Julianna Margulies.

On a lighter note, Slow and moi were walking on Old Planterville Road yesterday morning and we stopped just past the railroad tracks to check the pasture for the H-O-R-S-E-S and spotted one eating hay next to the barn near the house several hundred yards away.   Naturally, Slow decides it’s a Kodak moment and whips out her trusty digital camera for the Shot of the Day.   I had to stand interminably in the heat while she fiddled with the camera until she got her picture.   Well, just about that time a tall lanky older man walked by on the opposite side of the road from where we had stopped to take those pictures.   He was dressed in old blue jeans and a long-sleeved blue shirt and had a worker’s baseball cap pulled down to block the sun.   I swear the guy looked like Smokey Lonesome from the Fried Green Tomatoes movie.    He wasn’t out for a stroll.   He was walking into town from the country.  

The old woman is unfailingly cheerful.  I’ll give her that.   Good morning, she said to the stranger, who ignored her and kept walking.   GOOD MORNING, she said louder,  not to be outdone.   The fellow refused her pleasantries and gave a little nod toward her camera as he continued his trek.  

 Little warm for that, ain’t it?    he said with a look of disdain.  

 Brother, you can say that again, I howled.  

Ok.   The End.   The Red Man has had a break to chat with his Sports Fans as the weekend comes to an end  but must remain ever vigilant throughout the night as he stands ready to serve in the cause of preserving his ‘Hood.   Will keep you posted…